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Ex-NASA Engineer Invents Glitter Bomb As Revenge Against Package Thieves (Video)

Thieves stealing packages from the front porch of many homes is getting on the nerves of a lot of victims. Some shrug off their disappointment with the petty but frustrating crime, while others choose to fight back.

One of those who can’t take such matter sitting down is a former NASA engineer who developed an exploding glitter bomb to serve some cold revenge against thieves who brazenly steal packages from his porch.

38-year-old Mark Rober’s nine-year experience with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory came in handy during the six-month period he spent making the exploding package. He was motivated to do it out of spite after some thief stole his mail in May.

Since he also happens to be producing YouTube videos for his huge 4.4 million subscribers, he, of course, decided to share and upload a video on Monday showing how he spent months creating the said exploding glitter bomb package to catch thieves off guard and teach them a lesson.

The video has been a hit, with views registering more than seven million in just over a day.

Rober had been left disappointed after he reported his stolen package to the police and they told him it wasn’t something they could focus on, or even look into, at that time.

It proved to be a trigger and a motivation for him to take matters into his own hands, literally and figuratively. He said: “So then you feel powerless. And I just felt like something needs to be done to take a stand against dishonest punks like this.”

The package he made was specially designed to deceivingly look like an AppleHomePod speaker but in truth, it contained four hidden smartphones to record the thief’s reaction from practically every angle.

The phones would then upload the recorded footage to a cloud so that Rober could recover and still see the recording even if the thief got away with the package.

And that’s not all. Another smart feature of Rober’s invention is that the phones concealed in the package have a built-in GPS locator and accelerometer that triggered the phones to begin recording when the box was moved.

Another “bonus revenge feature” is that the package also has a motor to explode some of the “world’s finest glitter” as well as an automatic spray can of “fart spray.”

Rober was at work when he received a notification about his “first victim.” He was able to recover the package abandoned in a parking garage nearby, with remnants of the glitter all over.

Video recorded showed the thief taking the package from Rober’s porch and getting into his car. The footage also shows the thief screaming “What the f***. No way dude, look at my car”, as the bomb went off.

Rober has also shared the package with his friends so that they, too, can record thieves stealing their packages.

It is not clear if the footage can help Rober or the others to build a case against the package thieves, or if it is enough for Rober and his friends to deter such thieves from coming back to their homes to steal more packages.

For Rober, the take away is so simple and basic - that people should not steal other people’s stuff.

An Xfinity Home survey from last year says nearly one-third of Americans say they’ve had the enraging experience of having their package stolen from outside their home.



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Anonymous No. 92898 2018-12-18 : 20:12

Mostly black people lmao

Anonymous No. 92900 2018-12-18 : 21:14

Swap out the glitter turbine for a piece of surgical hose pumped full of indelible ink and the fart spray for pepper spray. The ink fountain would just need the end bent over and upon opening the top it would straighten out start spraying and whipping every direction. Combine that with a 15 second delay and unleash about 20oz or so of the strongest pepper spray obtainable and you would have made the crooks day.

Anonymous No. 92902 2018-12-18 : 23:57


Anonymous No. 92904 2018-12-19 : 01:22

There was a woman who put her dogs poop inside a box and left it on their porch, a thief came and stole the package then complained to the police! The woman who put the poop in the box and left it on her porch actually got in trouble instead of the thief

Anonymous No. 92912 2018-12-19 : 03:55

good one! serves the pathetic thieves right, they are a sorry excuse of beings. They should all get lost.

Anonymous No. 92918 2018-12-19 : 05:29

Should just rig an incendiary grenade to a package instead tbh. Thieving niggers don't deserve glitter.

Meme No. 92938 2018-12-19 : 12:30

It would be almost better to see someone figure out how to make a can of that expanding foam go off the same way the crap is like endelable ink. Usually takes 3 -4 days to wash of ones hands doing them 10x a day..

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