By: Courtney Tubbs | 12-19-2018 | News
Photo credit: Benton County Sheriff's Office

Four AntiFa Thugs Unmasked and Charged in Brutal Assault on Elderly Man

An elderly man was hospitalized after four alleged members of the so-called “antifascist” terror cell known as AntiFa have been arrested, and are now facing charges for a brutal beating of 65-year-old Jimmy Marr.

The alleged members of “Antifa,” or “Antifaschiste Aktion,” have a history of violent attacks across the United States of America, being the useful idiots of perpetrating a globalist agenda.

The attacks took place in Corvallis, Oregon, with the Corvallis Police Department later apprehending the suspects and taking them into custody.

AntiFa members are known for their use of tactics that reflect brutal, totalitarian regime. Often, they're purveyors of violent assaults as a means of silencing anyone and everyone they disagree with.

At the now-notorious Charlottesville rally, radicalized AntiFa members assaulted numerous free speech activists marching with a legal permit. The mainstream media would later blame the “AltRight,” who with a legal permit to attend the events did nothing wrong.

64-year-old Ralph Bartlett Bolger Jr.~Credit: Benton County Jail.

Ralph Bartlett Bolger Jr. is currently being held on a $7500 bond.

Bolger Jr. was last known to reside at 3740 Western Boulevard, in Corvallis, Oregon.

22-year-old Albert Grigorov~Credit: Benton County Jail.

Albert Grigorov is currently on the custody of local authorities on a $7500 bond.

The last known address for Grigorov is 3227 Forest Gale Drive, in Forest Grove, Oregon.

23-year-old Noah Julian Orduna~Credit: Benton County Jail.

Noah Julian Orduna is being imprisoned on $7500 bond.

The last known address for Orduna 2320 SE Ryan Street in Corvallis, Oregon.

19-year-old Conor Brian Butler~Credit: Benton County Jail.

Conor Brian Butler is currently being detained on a $7500 bond.

There is no known address for Butler as of this time.

On Twitter, a friend of the victim, along with several others from the pro-White community expressed their outrage and disdain with the violent assault.

Since then, they've discovered that Ralph Bolger is also a member of the local Veterans for Peace Chapter 132, a non-profit organization.

Bolger also holds their FCC license in his name.

Credit: Veterans for Peace Chapter 132.

If you'd like to contact Veterans for Peace to ask why they're employing a man who violently assaults the elderly, you can do so by clicking here to visit their website.

Marr, a pro-White rights activist has fought to protect the world's minority population in White Europeans, and vocally condemned the United States’ “Zionist Occupied Government."

His uncensored truth-telling prompted the notorious Anti-White and Jewish Supremacist group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to attack him in the past for simply noticing too much.

Many are suggesting that the SPLC bears the burden of guilt as well, after writing endless hit pieces against Marr and his allies for their pro-White views.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Jewish people have the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC and Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Black people have Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), yet the White people aren't allowed to engage in similar activism without being labeled as racists.

Marr was an innocent man, who was targeted with malice and violence in what appears to be a premeditated attack that left him hospitalized. These AntiFa thugs must be brought to justice, and are scheduled for trial at a later date.

Reading the hit piece from the SPLC on Marr is even more disgusting. The SPLC assaults Marr with disgusting rhetoric even when he's the victim. The SPLC has no shame. Ignoring the crimes of the AntiFa thugs responsible for the attack in an effort to indoctrinate their reader's because of his pro-White ideological perspectives.

Numerous AntiFa members have been exposed as of late, many of whom hold influential positions in their communities all while encouraging violent attacks.

This story will be updated with additional information as it arises.

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23 Comment/s
NN2N No. 92931 2018-12-19 : 11:38

Given Anti-FA's history of physical assaults and destruction of private property, protests against free speech and the rights of others. Why haven't we seen Leadership and major Donor level arrests?

Are we to understand that a international Political / Domestic Terrorist that seeks to violate the US Bill of Rights is above Criminal Legal Actions for Civil Rights abuses?

Or is it because of those that fund and issue their marching orders are too high up on the Power/Elitist Pyramid. Or maybe a Foreign Socialist Government.

Anonymous No. 92934 2018-12-19 : 12:08

Jesus these people look subhuman

I'd like to teach you about the term "Phrenology".

Look at these fucking skulls.

Anonymous No. 92940 2018-12-19 : 15:27


Anonymous No. 92941 2018-12-19 : 15:30



Tab No. 92944 2018-12-19 : 15:59

@ Anonymous No. 92934 :

LOL.... YES, at first i thought that these were masculine women but they are MEN. yikes.... their faces reflect a hormonal imbalance which is also affected their minds.

Anonymous No. 92947 2018-12-19 : 16:06

You gotta be shitting me! I thought the pic was a meth family with 3 daughters and no mom. We need a 3 nasty chicks and their dad meme!

James Mason No. 92961 2018-12-19 : 22:47

This communist uprising is sponsored, once again, by JEWS. Jews have flooded our once safe homelands with people who want to kill us. They have done the same thing for thousands of years. Communism is just another tool jews use to exterminate whites. GOOGLE: " how many Bolsheviks were jews"..... over 85%

Whatever No. 92963 2018-12-20 : 00:24

Man, you really want us to believe a guy with the name "Genocide Jimmy" was an upstanding gentleman?

Anonymous No. 92964 2018-12-20 : 00:27


How to spot a Jew - watch as he is offended by Free Speech

Bob Bacon No. 92966 2018-12-20 : 01:44

Semitism is anti White !

Woot No. 92973 2018-12-20 : 03:00

I seriously thought that 3 of them were butt ugly females. Then I read that the two brown haired ones, that look like girls, are actually guys.

Anonymous No. 92976 2018-12-20 : 03:39

Two ugly broads & two dudes one of which is sort of antique. The 2 on the left are male according to the booking sheets and the other 2 are future cat farmers.

Joe Murphy No. 92978 2018-12-20 : 03:56

What's wrong with this picture?

Rufus Firefly No. 93015 2018-12-21 : 00:55

Looks to me to be one old perv and 3 trannies.

Jeff Allen No. 93072 2018-12-22 : 08:54

I wonder what you could get away with in a “stand your ground” or “castle law” state if four people threatened you and you feared for your safety.

Anonymous No. 93114 2018-12-23 : 12:01

Brings whole new meaning to “girly men”.

Anonymous No. 93161 2018-12-23 : 21:26

Antifaschistische Aktion began in pre-WWII Germany as part of a Communist movement there. The Nazi Party became popular because of AA's excesses of violence and intimidation.
So technically, the group indirectly created WWII.

A. Oswalt No. 93258 2018-12-26 : 07:37

Dear author of this article, let me fix it for you:

Old man from out of town, agitating folks with his swastika-covered pickup & loudspeaker, gets ass beaten by trannies.

There, much better now...

Bill Wayne Gill No. 93259 2018-12-26 : 07:40

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

Social Extinction No. 93293 2018-12-27 : 14:43

What an ugly group of androgynous shits.

Martin No. 93303 2018-12-27 : 20:12

Why isn't Trump doing anything about these domestic terrorists? Why are thee commie thugs allowed to roam the streets and attack right-wingers without any meaningful state involvement?

Gas The Kikes Race War Now No. 93544 2019-01-02 : 08:10

Wow these fags are disgusting

Cosmo No. 93632 2019-01-14 : 07:19

I don't think they are going to do well in prison!

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