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Woman Solves Sparkling Water Crime By Finding Thief On Tinder

Most people have heard of the dating app Tinder, it is most commonly used by young people to find hook-ups in a hurry. The app works by allowing you to browse through other dating profiles and offering you the option to match with them or to pass. Up until now, the dating app has only been used for just that, dating. But a woman has now discovered an unusual use for Tinder when she used it to find the man responsible for a robbery.

Emily Cochran was chatting with someone on Tinder who had an entire crate of La Croix stolen, a popular brand of sparkling water that he had just bought. In a strange twist of fate, Cochran also matched with the person who stole the sparkling water and was able to solve the crime and reunite the crate of La Croix with its rightful owner.

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This sounds almost too unlikely to be true, but Cochran matched with a guy named Drew who told her he was having a great day because he just found a whole "rack" of La Croix unattended. Naturally, the scumbag stole the La Croix and took it home with him. Just minutes later, Cochran also matched with another man named Raymond whose day was not going well at all.

Raymond told Cochran that he had just brought an entire crate of La Croix, but after leaving it unattended for a moment it was stolen. Cochran couldn't believe her luck and put two and two together to determine Drew was the man responsible for stealing Raymond's expensive crate of sparkling water. Cochran then put Raymond in touch with Drew so that the La Croix could be returned to its rightful owner, effectively solving the crime.

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Ironically, it turns out the two men met up and had no trouble with each other. They even shared a La Croix in honor of Cochran and sent her a video of themselves drinking the La Croix. It turns out that this story had a happy ending and the two men became "bros". The Daily Dot reported that Drew was immediately remorseful after learning that he had taken someone's La Croix. Drew even offered to take them back and return them to Raymond.

The entire exchange seemed to capture Twitter users' attention and Emily's Tweet was retweeted 379,000 times. One Twitter user commented, "omg this is amazing". Another said, "Now this is a love story I can get behind." The whole situation is a heartwarming example that it is possible to resolve a crime without having to get government involved. But I will say, this is certainly the exception rather than the rule when it comes to thievery.

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