By: Steve Dellar | 12-25-2018 | News
Photo credit: Twitter @Flotus

FLOTUS Helps NORAD Track Santa

First Lady Melania Trump shared pictures of the Presidential Couple answering phone calls from children as they helped NORAD keep track of Santa on Christmas Eve. Ms. Trump stated: “Helping children across the country track Santa is becoming one of my favorite traditions!”

NORAD observed the first signs of "activity at the North Pole" at 12.01 am on Monday. Since then, the tracking of Santa Claus and his reindeer can be followed on a separate website of NORAD and on the Twitter account @NoradSanta.

Santa Claus, who is officially a resident of the Finnish town of Rovaniemi, travels around the world according to NORAD at a speed that is higher than that of an F-15 fighter plane.

A few hours ago, Santa was on his way to Greenland. He had already delivered over 4.5 billion gifts at that time. According to NORAD, it is technically possible to follow Santa Claus via "infrared receptors in Rudolf's nose", one of the nine reindeer pulling his sleigh.

Monitoring the route of Santa Claus began as a joke in 1955. It was an advertisement from the department store Sears that asked in a local newspaper from Colorado to phone to Santa. But what Sears claims was a direct line to Santa turned out to be, in full Cold War, the hotline of NORAD.

When the officer, Colonel Harry Shoup, got a boy on the phone that day asking him if he was Santa, he played along. He ordered his men to give information about the position of Santa Claus and even called the local radio to report that he had seen a strange object in the air.

Some 1,500 volunteers assist the military every year to answer the calls and letters from children.

And as can be seen from the pictures posted by FLOTUS, the President of the US and the First Lady were also involved.


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