By: Steve Dellar | 12-25-2018 | News
Photo credit: Twitter @pZO5xK2Su74DiBW

China – Hijacked Bus Driven Into Crowd – 5 Dead, 21 Wounded (Video)

A knife carrying man hijacked a public transport bus which he then drove into a crowd, killing 5 and wounding 21 others, according to a statement in several Chinese news outlets. When the bus came to a halt after crashing into several cars, he got out of the vehicle and started stabbing innocent bystanders.

The events took place a few hours ago, at 3.20pm local time, in the southeastern Chinese city of Longyan in Fujian province. A law enforcement officer is among the victims, according to the police.

Pictures and video on social media showed a chaotic scene on the street with a many lying next to the bus, his legs clearly crushed, just as a group of police officers storms the possible perpetrator and disarms him.

Beijing simply released a short statement claiming that the causes of the incident are currently being investigated while social media lit up about the event.

It is not the first mass killing in China this year.

In fact, there have been multiple attacks using knives or vehicles to murder multiple people at the same time but because of the tight controlled state media, the Beijing government is making it seem like nothing ever happens.

At the end of October, a woman stabbed 14 children in a kindergarden: China - Knife-Wielding Woman Injures 14 Children in Kindergarten Horrific Attack.

And in April, a man went on a stabbing spree in a middle school, killing 7: China - Man Kills Seven Teenagers At School, More Fatalities Feared.


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6 Comment/s
tab No. 93224 2018-12-25 : 12:22

Muslim NIGGERS again.... bring back The Crusades! impale them all.

Anonymous No. 93225 2018-12-25 : 12:47

Unlike the USA, China's Socialist government actively and aggressively drops the hammer on radicals trying to terrorize its nation. They have setup isolated holding areas for radicals demanding China bend its society to meet Islamic cultural issues.

Anonymous No. 93228 2018-12-25 : 13:10

People, Islamic Radicals & Fanatics are suicide bombers and attackers. Too many crime deterrents are based on the idea of attackers want for self-preservation. These are based on a dangerous outdated fallacy.
eg. 9-11 Hijackers.

Radical are taught and believe they going to heaven by murdering innocence people even babies, if they are non-Muslin.

The only solution is to treat them as they officially treat Christians. Never grant citizenship, never allow them to build houses or practice their worship in groups. Thus negating all voting powers and the temptation of political parties to bend for the votes.

Anonymous No. 93231 2018-12-25 : 15:13

That is some sick shit, but the Chinese will put some bleach in his gene pool really soon as should we with this type of crime instead of 20-life and then letting them out in 5 days!!

Anonymous No. 93236 2018-12-25 : 16:26

Let me guess, Uyghur Muslim Chinese. And people wonder why the Han Chinese people hate them.

Anonymous No. 93247 2018-12-25 : 23:13

I think you people are on the wrong thread. Where exactly do you read this hijacker was Muslim? Or, are you assuming? China is a huge puddle of tears. Poverty and oppression prevail. Life in a communist country will drive a human being insane.

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