By: Kyle James | 12-26-2018 | News
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CT - Man Shoots His Own Dog Fearing It Would Attack Children In Park

A dog owner's worst nightmare came true when a man in Connecticut was forced to shoot and kill his own dog. Walter Haller was walking his pit bull in a public park off the leash when he witnessed his dog attack another dog who was on a leash.

This caused Haller to fear that the animal may attack nearby children next after it badly injured the other dog. The incident took place Sunday in Hamden, Connecticut and is under investigation, according to Police Capt. Roland Smith.

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Capt. Roland Smith said the man told investigators that he was the owner of the pit bull and that it was not on a leash at the time. The pit bull then attacked and seriously injured another dog whose owner had their dog on a leash. It is not clear if it is required that a dog is leashed in the park or if Haller broke any laws by doing walking his dog without one.

The pit bull owner's true fear came when he realized the owner of the injured dog had three children with him also. Capt. Roland Smith says the owner then pulled out his .22 caliber handgun and shot his own dog to prevent an attack on the children. He also confirmed the man was licensed to carry a firearm.

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em ie No. 93257 2018-12-26 : 05:06

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Anonymous No. 93263 2018-12-26 : 10:35

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