By: Steve Dellar | 12-26-2018 | News
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Tennis Legend Navratilova Slams Trannies For “Having A Penis And Competing As A Woman”

The world of transgenders is deeply upset about a recent (since deleted) tweet by (lesbian) tennis legend Martina Navratilova. In a twitter spat against transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon, she claimed that ‘having a penis and competing as a woman’ is not exactly fair.

The ‘transgender world’ found recent statements by 62-year-old Martina Navratilova quite upsetting. In response to a question from her Twitter followers, she stated that women born as men should not participate in women's competitions in sport.

The Czech Navratilova, an eighteen-time grand slam winner (including nine times Wimbledon), stated: "clearly that can’t be right. You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard... "

A very surprising comment as Navratilova is herself a champion for LGBT rights (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and came out in 1981 as bisexual.

Seeing the uproar that she caused, she then added: "To all the people on this thread- I am totally and completely pro trans people or any part of the spectrum. I do not wish to define anyone. All I want is fairness on the playing field. That is it. How we get to that is a discussion for the ages. Actually, every case must be viewed individually ... there can not be really one valid rule here."

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Navratilova's statement immediately got criticized by many transgender people, not least from Dr. Rachel McKinnon, the Canadian who crowned (him / her) - self world champion in the women’s competition in October on a cycling track in Los Angeles.

As the first transgender, she won a world title in cycling, after which she took on the defense of transgender rights in sports.

She immediately demanded apologies from Navratilova.

McKinnon: "Do you realize that as a transgender athlete I am a world champion? Genitals do not do sports. Which part of the penis does tennis play? And no, you are not at all pro-transgender (which Navratilova had asserted in an earlier explanation) if you say that female transgendered persons with a penis are not allowed to participate in women's sports. That is transphobic. "

Navratilova, seeing the uproar, removed her original tweet, and apologized seeing McKinnon's swipe. "I'm sorry if I said anything that comes close to transphobic. I did not want to hurt anyone. I will inform myself better about the subject and until then I will be silent about it."

And thus McKinnon, who regularly tweets about the subject, remained angry with Navratilova. "It is not because you have won a lot in the past that you can now afford everything. You've said something very wrong."

McKinnon said in an interview with the BBC last month that she received more than 100,000 hate messages on Twitter after her world title, including even death threats.

Ms Jen Wagner-Assali, who picked up the bronze medal during the race that McKinnon won, said her gold medal was unfair and wants the UCI to change the rules.

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6 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 93268 2018-12-26 : 14:30

Oh, she must be "transphobic" if she doesn't want transgenders competing in her sport. Men who got their dicks hacked off playing against women... what could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous No. 93269 2018-12-26 : 14:31

These lesbians are so narrow minded! Doesn't she know everything goes these days?

Jeff Allen No. 93272 2018-12-26 : 15:42

Hmmmm! That must mean pretend only goes so far. If you don’t bleed at least once a month for a few days and there is an absence of a twig and berries between your legs, you must be a real woman. The rest must be nihilistic narcissists who have a disorder of the highest magnitude. Probably from watching too many movies who then think pretend is real.

Jeff Allen No. 93273 2018-12-26 : 15:46

Heh heh heh, kharma is always a bitch to those who are one! Can you imagine what a pretender goes through?

RattyRat No. 93283 2018-12-27 : 02:19

I think this persons statement was spot on. More of us that have COMMON SENCE NEED TO SPEAK UP as well

Anonymous No. 93291 2018-12-27 : 13:10

Men have larger bone structure, more muscle, more everything (except the monthly wild card handicap that they DON"T have) than REAL women and should not be competing as women. There is a REASON there are men's and women's sports. This whole fiasco does away with any hope for women's sports to even be relevant anymore.

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