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Love In The Age Of Dispossession Now Available On Audiobook And Paperback

Love In The Age Of Dispossession is the debut novel from Loretta Malakie. It's a coming-of-age tale that begins with the main character Kitty soaking up the last days of her senior year before she will leave the small, upstate New York town she calls home.

The book could be considered a romance as it centers around a love story shrouded in tragedy. It could even be considered young adult fiction seeing as it deals with Kitty's life from 18 on to her 20's. It's also a love letter to rural life and a somewhat simpler time that existed during the 1990s.

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I hate to try to pigeonhole the book though. It's as devastatingly hilarious as it is beautifully tragic. As cliche as it sounds, during my audiobook narration "I laughed, I cried."

In all seriousness, there were a few times I had to pause to recover from laughing in sections. I would be sitting in the booth and our sound guy would hear it coming on a few times again and chuckle "one of those spots again?"

Then other portions I would catch myself misting up. Just like a single half tear drop at most usually but by the end of the book, at the climax, I was reaching for a tissue at the wrap. Having lost my best friend since high school just months before I began recording the audiobook, the feeling was fresh and I related strongly to Kitty in some ways.

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As the story progresses, we follow Kitty from the last days of Senior year as she and her friends face up against the prom queen, on to her education at Cornell and as she's drawn back to her home town due to a tragedy that robs her of a good friend and former lover.

Meanwhile, there's tearful reunions and the painful realization that "you can't go home again." All throughout we are privy to Kitty's adventures from being pressured into an abortion by a Cornell counselor to being shabbos goy to an Orthodox pothead in NYC to the nightmare that working towards your "dream job" can be.

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The paperback and audiobook are on sale right now at Amazon and the audiobook version is also available at For those interested in checking out the audiobook for free, you can get a free month trial at Audible and monthly subscription cost is $14.95.


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