By: Steve Dellar | 12-30-2018 | News
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Swiss Extremist “Trained Murderers Of Louisa And Maren”

Morocco arrested a Swiss man on Saturday in Marrakech on suspicion of involvement in the deaths of two Scandinavian female tourists. The man would be responsible for recruiting and training the men who carried out the gruesome murder of the Scandinavian backpackers. The latest suspect in the case has not been named but police said he also has a Spanish passport.

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations said in a statement “the man was detained on Saturday in Marrakech, Morocco. Moroccan counterterrorism forces allege he taught social media skills and archery to some suspects who carried out the murders,” Morocco's first terrorist attack in years.

The statement says he is also suspected of involvement in recruiting Moroccans and sub-Saharan Africans for "terrorist schemes" targeted at "foreign interests and security forces." It did not identify him or provide details.

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Thus far, nineteen people have been arrested in connection with the killings in the Atlas Mountains. Four main suspects swore allegiance to the Islamic State terror network in a video. The video was made three days before the killings. The authorities described the suspects as 'lone wolves' before but now admit that they were part of a wider terrorist cell operating in the country.

Social media

It is possible that the Swiss man was the one responsible for the graphic video showing Ms Jespersen's murder. It was filmed by one of the assailants and later uploaded to social media, where it went viral after thousands of people unfortunately shared it on Facebook, Twitter, 4Chan and Reddit.

During the horrific video which shows the girls being killed (which was also sent via Facebook to the girls' parents), the perpetrators can be heard saying: "It's Allah's will. This is revenge for our brothers in Hajine in Syria. These are your heads, enemy of God."

Jespersen's mother, Ms Helle Petersen, said earlier this week in Danish newspaper B.T. that her daughter was "always happy and positive. Everyone loved her and she saw the best in everyone."

She admitted that she had warned her daughter about travelling to Morocco "because of the chaotic situation," but insisted on not blaming the country for what happened.

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3 Comment/s
WonderingWhy No. 93454 2018-12-31 : 02:51

Why so quick to forgive an unstable country which has allowed madness to become a part of their religious ritual. Chopping off heads is dark age stuff. Got it? Perhaps if we’d expect more from each other, we’d begin a return to civilized society where politics, religions, money and sex are not spoken of but rather held close to the chest and heart. These men are clearly criminally insane not unlike Ted Bundy. I’d have restrained my daughter if she had intentions of boarding a plane to this region. Women alone this age, blonde, white, heads uncovered...well, it’s bait for a hungry shark.

Kenneth Colakovic No. 93620 2019-01-12 : 17:57

Morocco,Norway,and Denmark are covering up the horrible truth about this Atlas mountains atrocities in order to perpetuate lies about the coexistance tm narrative just light candles,cry,scribble notes,and forget the root causes of the "terrorist" attack its no secret that tourists come to Morocco for drugs,vice,and debauchery that they would not dare do in their home naton

Kenneth Colakovc No. 93621 2019-01-12 : 19:03

Stockholm Syndrome seems to have an insideous effect on Scadavian nations at this unspeakable atrocity here in USA we have Amy Biehl from Standford University who went to South Africa Soweto and the rest is history Heart Of Darkness Kurtz final words "The Horror The Horror!!!!!"

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