By: Steve Dellar | 12-31-2018 | News
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Prediction Professor Lichtman: ‘Trump Will Be Impeached In 2019’

Scholar Allan Lichtman is known as the ‘Prediction Professor.’ He has correctly predicted the outcome of all US Presidential Elections for 30 years in a row. He rose to international fame in 2016 when he foretold early on that Donald Trump, at that time in a crowded field of 9 Republican candidates still, would win the overall election against Ms Hillary Clinton, at that moment still battling off Mr Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

He has now made a new prediction for 2019, claiming that it is highly likely that US President Donald “Trump will be impeached.”

Mr Lichtman’s reasoning has changed (he earlier foresaw Mr Trump easily taking on a crowded field of Democrats for the 2020 Presidential election before) as the new Democratic-run House convenes on January 3 next year, and he claims that “impeaching Trump moves from theory to reality.”

"If Mueller comes up with some devastating findings, the Democratic base will demand impeachment," said Professor Lichtman. "I think Trump is in grave peril from the Mueller probe."

The prediction specialist claims that the latest findings of the Mueller investigation show that more indictments will soon follow.

"I can't believe Mueller has been working all this time just to say: Sorry, nothing to see here."

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"I think there are going to be some very serious findings from Mueller directly tying the Trump campaign to the Russians."

Rubio signs

Mr Lichtman furthermore pointed to the telling remark that Florida Senator Marco Rubio dropped when the White House administration hinted that it would try and pardon former campaign manager Paul Manafort. At the time, Mr Rubio, who ran against Trump during the Republican primaries in 2016 said doing so would be a ‘terrible mistake,’ and made it understand that the Republican party would then be forced to act.

Mr Licthman: "The way in which Trump could be impeached and removed would be if Republicans think he is going to drag them down with him."

"They don't have any personal loyalty to Trump. They are worried about antagonizing his base and losing Republican primaries. But if they think he is going to be a political liability, they may be willing to abandon him."


Lastly, Mr Licthman noted, the reasoning for the Republicans to support Mr Trump’s impeachment would be similar to the fall of former Republican President Nixon’s fall from grace back in the 1970s.

"Republicans supported Richard Nixon until the evidence became so overwhelming that he was a tremendous liability to them," said Lichtman.

"I am not saying he won't survive, but I am saying it's unlikely."

Lastly, he added, "let's not forget: if Trump is removed, they don't get Nancy Pelosi as president; they get Mike Pence, someone whom most Republicans in Congress vastly prefer to Trump."


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9 Comment/s
Juan Pablo Villa No. 93463 2018-12-31 : 07:51

You quote me on this.
Trust me when i say that starting with me, a WOKE latino born in Colombia,will lead huge take it to the streets with shovels,knives and yes guns in protest! Even though i did not vote for him in 2016 i will in 2020. I am willing to go down protecting and protesting for MY Presidente Trump. VIVA TRUMP CABRONES!!!

I am with Juan Pablo Villa No. 93466 2018-12-31 : 09:36


Rubio and the other RINOs can join Songbird McCain in hell.

NN2N No. 93470 2018-12-31 : 12:03

The Globalist Democrat-Socialists (GDS) will only be held in check if we clean up and secure our Voting Process. Currently we have a mess that they (GDS) have installed bit by bit over the last 40 +/-years.

Early Voting, Court fights over voter rolls purges persons that would remove obviously death 116+ year olds still on the voter rolls and surprisingly voting as ghosts. Nursing homes staff filling out absentee ballots, NY/Fla dual voting crowd. Voters in jail and striped of citizen rights. The 10 mile carefully and racially drawn voter district line example of political Gerrymandering that kept Cynthia A. McKinney in office for a few terms, GDS printed Fake Absentee Ballots. The usual paperless electronic voting machine reprogramming and National Black Panthers threatening voters at polls and only getting their hands slapped and off parole by the next election to do it again. Illegals issued driver lic. and automatically registered to voter. The list is long and needs to be addressed and fixed. Most of all we must understand that the Democrat Party as we knew it back in the 60's has cease to exist. It has been moving more and more toward Socialism since the Carter Administration and has been in overdrive since the Clinton's & the Obama's took office.

Anonymous No. 93471 2018-12-31 : 12:28

Well they can try, being impeached doesn't mean shit just ask Bill Clinton.

Bucky Barkingham No. 93475 2018-12-31 : 13:15

Predicting that the Leftist House will impeach Trump is like predicting tomorrow's sunrise.

Jeff Allen No. 93502 2019-01-01 : 00:07

January 1st is coming along with the EO's becoming active on that day.
Tick Toc

Anonymous No. 93503 2019-01-01 : 00:09

Didn't Q say D's will cease to exist when all is revealed? I wonder what is yet to be revealed, and who will pay?

Rich No. 93527 2019-01-01 : 19:15

If you say enough i guess you believe it will come true . We will see i bet it will not happen ! But i do believe Hillary .and Obama will be taken in custody..

Anonymous No. 93578 2019-01-04 : 05:25

Where the f is that DHS investigation into voter fraud that was supposed to be delivered before Christmas? Remove half of the fraudulently elected demotards and let's see whose laughing then.

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