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Ha'aretz Roasted Online For "Iconic Israeli Street Food" Story Fail

I'm not sure what the folks at Ha'aretz were thinking earlier this week or how they thought their story on "shawarma, the iconic Israeli street food" would play out, but the results when they proclaimed the results are pretty much what you might expect. The jokes pretty much write themselves.

Immigration, Israel And The Right Of Double-Standard

Of course, there is the possibility that Ha'aretz just has a different definition of "iconic" than most people. We know that the Israeli government and media for the first part doesn't understand the meaning of apartheid and oppression, so perhaps it's just something that got lost in translation.

The incident even inspired the use of a hashtag #FreeShawarma used along with the #FreePalestine hashtag.

Then there were some folks who were just picking fun at the ridiculous nature of Ha'aretz's attempt to claim shawarma as authentic Israeli cuisine.

Some commenters even referred to the piece as "hasbara" a Hebrew word referring to propaganda and applied to those who employ propaganda by commenting, editing Wikipedia and other ways to affect public opinion.

Other tweets and comments at the Facebook page were more politically motivated with some users calling for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) of Israel.

More than a few folks pointed out that it takes the idea of "cultural appropriation" further than some might have considered possible. There are those who consider white people doing yoga or serving burritos and fajitas a form of cultural appropriation. I can't agree there as "appropriation" means to take someone from someone else. In the case of Israel, however, the attempt at spinning a narrative that they were responsible for hummus, couscous, tabbouleh and shawarma is laughable at best.

To be fair, it's not just Israel that's done this. My mom saw tabbouleh for sale at a grocery store being sold under the name "Israeli salad." She pointed out it might be more apt to call it an "Arabic salad" but apparently whoever was working at the time didn't quite get the reference.

A few folks weighed in on possible reasons for this. One theory that came up a few times was the possibility that Israel steals other regional cultures' foods and other aspects of their way of life because they don't really have one of their own.

Israel's Cancer Awareness Stunt Backfires

Whatever it was they were shooting for, they missed the mark. In fact, I haven't seen such hilarious unintended consequences come out of Israel since their PR stunt painting a jet pink for breast cancer awareness raised more awareness about the medical crisis Palestinians and Jews living in the occupied territory of the West Bank are facing.

At Twitter, the article received 46 comment replies. Not a lot unless you compare that to the typical engagement on their Twitter page. As a for instance, you would have to add the replies to the last 28 tweets on their timeline to equal the amount of engagement there.

At Facebook, the deluge of negative comments reached nearly 900 total. Some of the top comments there were some real hits and hilarious hot takes there as well.

"Clearly 'Shawarma' is Hebrew for 'I'm stealing your food.'" "Do they even know how to pronounce shawarma? This is a new level of pathetic! Trying over and over to steal people's culture cause u don't have one of your own! Assholes." "Gefilte fish delicacy makes its way back to the streets of Jerusalem. Says no one EVER." "They don't get food, so they have to steal food. Why else would they need $38b over ten years from the US?" the only "iconic israeli street food" is rubber bullets with a topping of white phosphorus. Your delusional state is quite frightening honestly."

Oh well, I suppose if Oscar Wilde is right they're on to something as, "there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." Considering the lack of engagement on their Facebook and Twitter feed for the average story is nothing or next to nothing. Apart from the shawarma story, the only recent post with nearly as much engagement was a story about potential UFOs with 69 replies. I guess whatever works, right?


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Whitey No. 93619 2019-01-12 : 11:30

Zukins Rib Shack, islam’s favorite iconic barbeque’d pork ribs

Anonymous No. 93625 2019-01-12 : 23:58

OH get real everyone knows that's Mexican street food.

Anonymous No. 93626 2019-01-13 : 02:14

U made dis? I made dis.

Anonymous No. 93627 2019-01-13 : 02:41

roasted over shawarma. lol i see wat u did there.

Anonymous No. 93637 2019-01-14 : 15:09

It was invented in Turkey.
But Turkey stole their entire country from Greece. So I would say its Greek.

Anonymous No. 93640 2019-01-15 : 01:23

So it was taken from slavic and greek jews, gg philistines and ottoman's.

Signal intelligence No. 93683 2019-01-21 : 16:12

Israel signaled the mark to isis in Syria.

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