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The Boy Who Cried MAGA: Doing The Math On The Alleged Jussie Smollett Hate Crime

I don't know what happened to Jussie Smollett the night of January 29th. Seeing as the story is blowing up bigger every day with stars like Anna Pacquin and Ellen Page decrying the state of "violent, racist Trump supporters" I think it's worthwhile to look at what we know, what we don't know and what that means. One thing that was instantly noticeable if you were looking anyway is the fact that the story wasn't even static.

Minority College Student Arrested For Racist Graffiti Targeting Himself

I have no personal verdict, but the constantly changing timeline and shifting story plus all these inconsistencies do make you wonder. Why did Jussie have the police shut off their bodycams when he was interviewed. Why did he tell TMZ, but not the police, the details about "MAGA country?" The fact that a team of police has analyzed hundreds of hours of surveillance footage with no luck is also a bit suspicious. It is also convenient that Smollett happened to be on the phone with his manager at 2 AM so he could hear the "racist and homophobic threats." Sadly, neither he nor the manager was willing to allow Chicago Police Department access to their phone records to verify that this was the case. One also has to wonder how it is he "fought off the attackers" while holding his phone in one hand and his Subway sandwich in the other. Also interesting that Smollett managed to be attacked in an area with a "high density" of surveillance video cameras but found a blind spot where he disappeared for about 55 seconds to reappear with a rope around his neck. Police described him as wearing it around his neck "like a tie."

There are so many plot holes here. If this was a hoax or tasteless publicity stunt, bleach was used to spray him. Bleach has a freezing point of about 18-19 Fahrenheit, the record cold in Chicago would likely have been solid. According to Accuweather, the high in Chicago on the 29th was 11 degrees, but at 2 am, it was likely nearer the low of -9. Almost 30 below the freezing point of bleach when these hoodlums who had been walking around Chicago with MAGA hats over their ski masks (no, seriously!) came upon Smollett and managed to recognize him despite the fact that due to the cold he would have had to have been bundled up. Not to mention the fact that until this alleged hate crime occurred most people didn't know him by name or face.

New York - Long Island Woman Arrested for Faking a Trump Hate Crime

Is this possibly why Smollett decided to rush past security guards in the apartment building and visit a friend before contacting the police?

If it was planned, it was planned well in parts and somewhat shoddily elsewhere. There's such a thing as "seeding a lie," and if this was a setup, then they took the time to plant the seeds of falsehood. Just over a week before the incident Empire was mailed a "hate letter" that looked like it was drawn by a 2-year-old. The construction paper doodle refers to Smollett as a "black fag." I'm wondering why these attempted lynchers decided not to drop a full n-bomb seeing as this was their "warning shot" pre-hate crime.

Along with the childlike drawing, stick figure and all, mysterious "white powder" was found. I was initially thinking, seeing as the MAGA hate criminals appear to be clean freaks, maybe it was some powdered Ajax to go along with the liquid bleach. As it was, it turned out to be powdered aspirin.

After the "white powder" was sent along with the threatening letter, Fox offered immediate, around-the-clock armed security for Smollett, but he declined. He preferred to walk through the freezing cold to get sandwiches in the middle of the night. Most folks would likely just call an Uber due to the weather, but especially so if threats on your life had just been made. That said, from all accounts, the area he was in was by no means a dangerous area, especially for Chicago.

Black Colorado Springs Air Force Cadet Admits to Writing Fake Racism on Dorm for Attention

Smollet didn't call police until 30-40 minutes after the act. They asked for phone records "because of the financial relationship between the two men." The Wrap reports that "sources" have explained that there's a lot of misinformation related to that. If so they need to take it up with CPD. There's another possible hint as well. It's a win-win all around for Jussie and his music manager considering a guy that most people had never heard of has been splayed all over the news for days now.

Other inconsistencies include the details of the "brutal attack." TMZ reported that he had "broken ribs" which is odd considering the hospital released him in "good condition" and the only visible sign is a small cut under his right eye.

Texas: Restaurant Says Server Faked The "We Don't Tip Terrorist" Note

Rafer Weigel of Chicago's Fox 32 has warned folks of jumping to conclusions, “Might be best to tone down the outrage on the #JussieSmollett story until more evidence comes in to suggest it actually happened.” He made sure to qualify his statement afterward: “To be clear. I am not accusing [Smollett] of lying. I’m saying #ChicagoPD and Chicago FBI have been working round the clock & have found nothing to support it. And given the extremity of his claims and where they allegedly took place it has them skeptical.”

"But why would anyone do such a thing?" Well, there are multiple reasons why hoax hate crimes are on the rise, but for Mr. Smollett, the fact that his claim to fame, the series Empire, has been on a slow but steady decline for the past 6 years could be one reason. 17.33 million viewers season 1. Next season viewer count dropped to 15.94M, 10.37M for season 3, Season 4 continued the negative growth with 25.73% of the viewership dropping off. Yet another 10.13% drop in Season 5 with an average of 5.08 million viewers a drop of over 12 million viewers compared to the debut season. Season 6 was commissioned despite the continued declining viewership, a 21% drop compared to the year before.

The coincidence that a couple of racists walking around with hats on their ski masks managed to run into an obscure actor on a show most people (much less virulent racists) don't watch just happened to have a noose and bleach on them is enough of a stretch. As Billy Mays would say though, "but wait, there's more" instead of strangling him, stealing his phone (or his tasty Subway sandwich) they wrap a rope around his neck and pour bleach, that would have been frozen at that temperature. And all this in 55 seconds.

Female Bernie Sanders Supporter Arrested by FBI in Mass Murder Bomb Plot

I'm already hearing the complaints of "stay in your lane" from the types of people who believe you can't comment on a group of people or any person from those groups unless you are a member, so I'll defer to several black folks to allow them to express their incredulity.

DeDe's Hot Topics K104 radio covered the topic amidst laughter admitting that at least the fact that a sandwich was bought has been verified.

Willie D recorded a video from the Fox News green room pointing out some of the issues with Smollett's claims. He makes several good points, not least of which is: "Who the hell wears a hat over a mask."

"Jussie is lying, and I'm going to say it again and you can quote me, Jussie is lying."

Before he goes into "at least 20 red flags" that make this story seem fishy to so many folks.

Then there's Jericho Green who is also doubtful. Alluding to Hamlet, he offers that, "If I was in Denmark right now, I'd say something smells rotten."

Found in comments at YouTube, TrutherTalk had this to say.

I'm Black have been verbally attacked by people on the left. I have had friends that have been physically attacked including a friend of mine who lived in Chicago who owned a music store with her husband (Who is not racist by the way) She was ran out of Chicago they got death threats threatening to burn their apartment down. They had to move to a different state. I don't believe his story. Plain and simple. The left has had to make up hate crimes while the real hate and violence is coming from the left. One of the main reasons I no longer am associated with the Democratic party and have #walkedaway. Breitbart Magazine has listed over 600 attacks from the left. A lot of them have been caught on video.

In regards, the increase of hate crime hoaxes even the Boston Herald referred to in relating the story of 20-year-old Kevin Molis who admitted he only staged a hate crime against himself to "raise awareness." Awareness of what? The fact that fake hate crimes have more than doubled since Trump's election?

Another Fake Hate Crime: Black Man Admits Responsibility for Racist Graffiti on his Car

Many have pointed out, like Dede at Hot 104 radio said, that if he's found to be lying his career in music and TV is over. That said, after the Jared scandal, Subway could always use a new spokesman. Scrap eat fresh in favor of "Nothing comes between me and my footlong" maybe? I'll say one thing though; I'm looking forward to that steak and cheese I just ordered to be delivered. A day's worth of reading about Jussie Smollett bravely fighting off his attackers while holding the phone and talking to his manager but never dropping his Subway sandwich reminds me there are some things worth fighting for.

Twitter: #justice4jussie #jussiesmollett

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Roy No. 93738 2019-02-04 : 10:42

The article is spot on. The lying niggers and their enablers will never learn.

Fredward No. 93739 2019-02-04 : 12:09

Leftists live in a fantasy world.
Don't expect the lies and staged "hate-crimes" to stop any time soon.

Nabville No. 93740 2019-02-04 : 17:26


bob hickman No. 93741 2019-02-05 : 01:27

Jesulbub is the new name for god. God does all witchcraft, and voices of devils, and evil spirits. God ripped the faces of servants, and fondled their genitals, with his electric hands. God took away thier husbands, and wives, and attacked them. Beezelbub is satan. If you call on satan, and jesus showed up. It is because jesus is satan. satan is god. God tricked whole world. saved one and destroyed the one, and only teased the rest. he ruined many people. God has become so mentally warped, this is the only thing that is fun to godl betraying and ruining, and deceiving, and pretending, to be good. Do not let god trick you. God will tell you to do something, and it may get you killed. This is exactly what god wanted. God is great wrath right now, because god knoweth his servant is hewing him down, all over the world. God is being driven away from good, decent people, and banished from the world by bob hickman. God tried to destroy bob, and hickman destroyed gods word in the world. Nothing is more powerful then gods word but bob

Anonymous No. 93752 2019-02-06 : 19:03

I have a smile waiting for the day he gets charged with filing a false police report

Anonymous No. 93779 2019-02-08 : 11:15

Where do I get copy of the Liberal-Socialist book of Laws? Because obviously they have a different set of Laws that they are covered under.

NN2N No. 93780 2019-02-08 : 11:32

We all need to start claiming we are Trans-Political.
Then when stopped, questioned or accused of anything just simply say:

"I feel like a (Liberal, Socialist or Democrat) today, so it does not apply to me."

Mary No. 93825 2019-02-15 : 20:06

In this day and time when your attack includes MAGA, it's probably fake!

Plump One No. 93877 2019-02-26 : 00:12

Cant wait to see what the other evidence the police say they have comes out. I hope it points to those higher up who may be colluding with him over an agenda. Its funny more people don't realize that when there is contact with the police, the investigation is not only into the alleged criminals and their actions. But, also into the accuser when the facts don't add up. Perjury is always a crime.

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