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Photo credit: Breaking911

RAW VIDEO: Bodycam Shows Moment Cop Shot Man That Charged Him With a Crowbar

OKLAHOMA CITY — Body cam footage shows an officer-involved shooting of a Department of Corrections escapee. On Jan. 30, 2019 at 6:07 p.m., Officer Brandon Lee arrived at West Park Place and Linn Avenue. He observed the suspect, Kirk Dustin Shields, in front of 2608 West Park Place, who had a crowbar-type object in his hand. The suspect ran to the east, and Officer Lee pursued him. The suspect turned, faced the officer and charged the officer. Officer Lee used his taser on the suspect, but this did not stop the suspect’s pursuit. Officer Lee discharged his firearm and struck the suspect.

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MeanAngry Veteran No. 94106 2019-04-22 : 19:11

Justified Shooting.

Natural Consequences No. 94113 2019-04-24 : 09:33


Kenneth Colakovic No. 94116 2019-04-24 : 17:14

would cnn new york times npr amnesty international human rights watch aclu say the suspect was a saint whos human rights were violated

tab No. 94143 2019-05-05 : 15:57

another stupid cop mindlessly blasts away until he's out of ammo.

ACAB No. 94171 2019-05-13 : 20:27


Bret No. 94381 2019-06-18 : 14:44

Why dont police use tazers instead of guns?

Tazers disable the victim temporarily. This makes more sense than killing somebody with a crowbar!

USA has gone crazy for guns.

Anonymous No. 94441 2019-06-27 : 05:24

Do some of the idiots in this comment section realize he tried to taze the guy before he charged him? Justified self-defence.

/n/ No. 94466 2019-06-30 : 23:18

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BOB123 No. 94528 2019-07-19 : 01:13


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