By: Major Burdock | 10-30-2020 | 2020, Opinion
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American Press Ruptures!

While most of the mainstream media dutifully ignored possibly the biggest corruption scandal in American history, a couple of curious things happened.

1) CBS has stepped forward, declaring an "all-in" for Biden. Ignoring the announcement of an official FBI investigation, the network chose to refute everything Biden-related by crafting and simultaneously debunking its own story using random internet speculations and curiously tying them in with Qanon. This somehow proves anything critical claimed about Biden must be false.

Direct link to this nonsense

2) Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Intercept co-founder and editor Glenn Greenwald (known for breaking the Edward Snowden story) resigned. Why is this significant? Greenwald wrote a story covering the Hunter Biden scandal and its profound significance which was wholly rejected by his own publication. Instead of running parallel articles, The Intercept chose to summarily shut down anything negative about the Bidens and break their contractual obligation regarding editorial freedom and republication with Greenwald. You will certainly hear more about this in the months to come.

The above represents an unprecedented fracture of the liberal/progressive press leaving many journalists across the nation and around the world with a very troubling choice to make. Will they side with censorship or integrity?

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