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Recap: The 10+ Most Outrageous, Evil Events of the Week

Megalomaniacs and their minions were out in full-force this week. Here are the 10+ most brazen, evil acts we witnessed:
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#10 - Trudeau's Creepy Great Opportunity for "Great Reset"
Justin Trudeau's comments sent chills down the spines of many as he made it perfectly clear that globalist politicians are using the Wuhan Pandemic to further their Marxist agendas.

This truly is a "Luke, join the dark side" moment.

#9 - Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger's "Recount"
Brad's highly suspicious behavior before the election caught the attention of many. It got the the point where there was a serious effort to remove him. Alas, Georgia's Secretary of State moved with lightning speed to perform a "nothing to see here" recount in the dead of night without proper oversight or an understanding of the deeper reason a recount was needed (aside from it being mandatory). Raffensberger, a Republican in name only, has truly stepped in it if he was aware of any impropriety. Running a recount with this knowledge doubles the crime.

#8 - Hunter's Laptop from Hell Reveals a Discussion Urging Joe Biden to "Sell Out" to Certain Corporations

An email from Alexander Mackler, a former Deputy Counsel to then-Vice President Biden, dated July 13th, 2016 reads:
I know this has been talked about already…

If Evan Bayh can sell out for $1m/year in corporate boards, have to believe JRB can do quite well with just non-oil, non-Goldman boards that are consistent with his career (Bloomberg, GM, cancer hospitals, etc.).

-Bayh made nearly $! million from serving on corporate boards last year. Bayh earned $939,319 from sitting on corporate boards in 2015, according to SEC records. He sits on the boards of Fifth Third Bancorp, Marathon Petroleum, RLJ Lodging Trust and Berry Plastics Group. RLJ paid him $177,573 in 2015. Marathon paid him $300,000, Fifth Third paid him $243,564 and Berry Plastics Group paid him $218,182.

Mackler now assists with Biden’s “transition” effort to review the Department of Justice.

#7 - Absolutely Clear and Irrefutable Evidence Biden Lost Both Michigan and Wisconsin

If Biden was a stronger candidate, it might have been harder to prove that he relied on fraudulent dumps and manipulation to win these states. When it became clear he was on track to lose these states, outrageous Biden numbers were recorded, making it impossible for one to hide the massive, coordinated election fraud in these two states.

Votes in a dozen other states are suspected of being manipulated in this way.

#6 - Gavin Newsom Shuts Down CA then Attends Indoor Party at The French Laundry
Reservations at The French Laundry's $850-per-person indoor dining are almost impossible to get. The hypocrisy and lies continue even in his apology below. He insists that it was outdoors despite the photos.

Problem here isn't health, it's hypocrisy and an elitist attitude of the ruling class which seems to be requisite for their Great Reset.

#5 - Et tu, Tucker? Conservatives Worried about Carlson Turing to The Dark Side. They do have Reason to Question Fox.
Tucker Carlson took to lashing Trump's legal team, notably Sidney Powell, for not providing evidence in ongoing legal cases and what some perceive to be Powell turning down an immediate interview request for Carlson's show. Here's the vid:

After calling Arizona, Cavuto live-censoring The White House Press Secretary during a briefing and quips like the following, Fox has been on the naughty list and their 20-30% drop in ratings is a real-world consequence.

Here is Powell's Return Salvo to Tucker:

#4 - PA to Use Remaining $1.3 billion in Wuhan Virus Cash for State Budget
Likely fearing some backlash in a second Trump administration, Pennsylvania elected to use the rest of their virus stimulus money on themselves instead of citizens and small businesses. The bipartisan deal is a disgrace and is further evidence that states with mismanaged governments can't be trusted with money meant to help the people. More here:

#3 - Zuckerberg's Testimony Denying Facebook/Google/Twitter Collaboration on Censorship
Senator Josh Hawley rightfully tore into Zuckerberg's evasive answers to the request of providing search data on a software system meant to share censorship targets among the tech giants.

Hawly indicated he will subpeona Facebook for this data.

#2 - Republicans Won Almost Every Election Where Redistricting Was At Stake... And The Media Ignored It.
Per, "Both parties went into the election with a chance to draw more congressional districts than the other, but the end result was just about the best-case scenario for Republicans. As the map below shows, Republicans are set to control the redistricting of 188 congressional seats — or 43 percent of the entire House of Representatives. By contrast, Democrats will control the redistricting of, at most, 73 seats, or 17 percent."
The Political repercussions are enormous here and media coverage of it was pathetic and extremely biased. Furthermore, MSM has yet to ask themselves how Republicans could have so much success here and still encounter a Biden victory. These two events coexisting defy all statistical interpretation and logic.

#1 - Hunter’s Hard Drive Reveals Biden Transition Team Called Netanyahu ‘Asshole,’ ‘Villain’
This isn't evil or outrageous, but the fact that MSM continues to completely ignore evidence key to an active FBI investigation into the Biden Family crimes and sedition is.
More from The National Pulse, who broke the story, here:

#0 - Wayne County Canvassers Doxxed and Threatened
Republican board members, Chairperson Monica Palmer and William Hartmann were subjected to the full wrath of Leftist hate and Cancel Culture when they declined to approve county election results rife with irregularities. Racists! Racists! Racists!

Very rarely would The Goldwater ever suggest new laws be made, but this is an exception and in pure irony, should be considered a hate crime.

#-1 - Police Bust into Home and Arrest German Doctor During Livestream
Dr. Andreas Noack was livestreaming a presentation on the Wuhan Virus when an armed swat team broke the door of his home down and arrested him at gunpoint.

This should scare the living hell out of you. If not, you have already joined The Dark Side.

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