By: Philip | 12-08-2020 | PedoGate, Opinion, Studio
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Onision: Abusive YouTuber, Alleged Groomer Earns Discovery Documentary Treatment

I've been following the case of the YouTuber Onision for years since I first ran across videos of his treatment of his ex-girlfriend Shiloh. It amazed me that someone so abusive and awful could have such a huge following and continually elude any sense of responsibility for his actions for years. It seems that his years of abusive and creepy behaviors are finally catching up to him.

To Catch a Predator's Chris Hansen has sold the Onision story he investigated for years to Discovery who will be releasing a documentary on their new streaming platform next month.

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Contributor No. 95283 2020-12-31 : 22:00

What about the Josh Show? Onision and Stepanka Matto promoted a scam: The Ugly Truth about Sofia Full Video:
Joshua B. Ek discusses the strange GoFundMe Campaign promoted by Onision and Stepanka.

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