By: Major Burdock | 01-14-2021 | 2020, Opinion
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Slimy, Deceitful, Underhanded - Traits that Mark the Model Modern American Citizen

What is required to become the best citizen you can be in the eyes of the Democrats? Here are five must-do's if you wish to have any hope of a comfortable life in Modern America post-Great-Reset.

First, an absolute must is to never object to or even bring attention to bold faced lies. Those in power aren't demeaning your intelligence when broadcasting absolute falsehoods, they are looking out for your best interests. They are protecting you by providing you with safe, correct beliefs and ways of thinking.

Second, you must spread these beliefs to others. Parroting the pre-spun narrative is a critical task. When faced with, for example, the absolute proof that the 2020 Presidential Election had serious irregularities, simply repeat "There is no evidence. There is no evidence." These affirmations will also serve to quell tiny flashes of residual reasoning you may still have.

Third, you must defend these beliefs at all cost. Regardless of the optics of glaring stupidity, remember that the group will always support you provided you have assimilated properly. You will be rewarded by not being threatened, ruined professionally and marked for life as a racist terrorist.

Fourth, you must report anyone objecting to these beliefs. You can greatly improve your social credit score by snitching. There is also the added benefit of the satisfaction derived from ruining a person's life because they have a different opinion than you. Report all those you detect to be outside of groupthink. They are a threat to your existence.

Fifth, you must completely submit your complete will, freedom and existence to those in charge. This means you should never question anything, no matter how ridiculous, required of you by The State. Absolute devotion is the true path to ultimate bliss in our New World.

Do all of these things and live a happy life without worry of being snatched by storm troopers for reeducation or organ reassignment.

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Anonymous No. 95294 2021-01-15 : 06:06

"Snitches get rewards" -LA Mayor Garcetti, 2020

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