By: Major Burdock | 02-24-2021 | The Purge, Opinion
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Social Credit Scoring: Are You In? (Part 2)

Proud Globalists/Communists might fondly look back at the times we are living in now as "The Wild West" of Social Credit Scoring. Cancel Culture has run amok and the only difference between today and the days of the untamed West is that the bandits and cattle rustlers think of themselves as the sheriff and are often treated as such. They give themselves varying badges such as "Fact-Checker," "Activist," or "Social Justice Warrior." This allows them to rationalize their abhorrent behavior.

They come in many different forms and are from all strata of society but they all have one thing in common: they all want to take something from you. They want to take your money, your private data, your privacy, your ability to think, ability to reason, your right to speak freely, your right to own a gun, your sense of humor, your sense of safety, your ability to travel, right to worship God, your classic car... and it goes on to eternity. Simply said, they are thieves. Why are we are allowing them to act as our Sheriffs?

For the moment, these criminals are encouraged to run amok, turning our world into a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Every law being made that encourages Cancel Culture and facilitates Social Credit Scoring must be summarily challenged from the local level all the way to The Supreme Court. Those responsible for writing and upholding such legislation must be held accountable in the extreme. Databases must be created, maintained and protected from the beast. Precedents for defeating this unconstitutional legislation must be set.

We will explore more ways to combat America's new enemy in the next segment. It starts with refusing to recognize legitimacy of any person or entity seeking to infringe on our Constitutional and God-Given rights.

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