By: Major Burdock | 04-01-2021 | The Purge, Opinion, Studio
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I Want My Mommy!

A perverse form Communism has taken hold of America in a frightening way. It was invited here by soulless, corrupt politicians, empowered by megalomaniac tech-tsars and embraced by a mass of coddled children whose weakness of character is an embarrassment to humankind.

A large portion of society was either kept at or regressed into stunted childhood. The goal is clear: to keep them dependent on their new mother - the new government.

It's not a coincidence that many "woke" high school graduates aren't leaving the house. These "adults" are living in the basement for good reason. The coddling they received in school didn't prepare them to take initiative in life. There is a lack of initiative, of inspiration. They aren't even playing music down there. Why hasn't there been a distinct genre of music in the last twenty years? All is regurgitated, reconstituted and repackaged. Net contribution: skinny jeans.

The "woke" who managed to acquire usable skills were hired by companies touting ping-pong tables, bean bags and nap rooms. The company became mother and mommy must be obeyed and loved. This explains the perverse relationship tech giants have with their employees, why an encompassing political and social creed has thoroughly permeated entire organizations. This is also why employees who have a differing opinion or are older are immediately shunned.

The other favorite employer of the "woke" is the non-profit. Wouldn't make a difference in the world what, if anything is being produced or what services are being rendered, "I work for a non-profit!" How on earth did this become a badge of honor? An argument could be made in many instances that the first priority of these companies is to serve themselves. They rely on government grants or public donations - much like getting an allowance from daddy.

On a side note: What the hell are we teaching by forgiving student loans? Is this really helping youngsters prepare for real life? The concept is absurd unless you are making what could be a good argument that the education sold is worthless. In that case, stick it to the universities, not the rest of us.

All of this points to weakness. Despite the propaganda we are being gas-lit with, weakness should not be celebrated as a human quality. Weakness is self-defined. Yet it is being sold as compassion. Stupidity is being sold as compassion. Compassion has nothing to do with what is being embraced here. Notice how this group wraps themselves in the idea of compassion, how quickly they tell you how compassionate they are? True compassion is lived. It is not rehearsed and acted out in a theater of acceptance.

In the end, the human product is a mass of dependents who lack the capacity for independent thought and reason. Their understanding of compassion is confused with a love of coddling and dependency. It is, therefore, not surprising that the reaction we get when confronting this childlike behavior is that of a child. Watch how children behave when faced with an ugly truth. Is it that different than the "woke?" When it just gets to be too much, they cry, "I want my mommy!"

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