By: Phil | 04-06-2021 | PedoGate, Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Dreamstime | Wikimedia Commons/Donkey Hotey | TGW

PizzaGaetz? Deconstructing The Wild Claims Surrounding Matt Gaetz

Extortion, blackmail, underage girls, sex trafficking, connections to other sex offenders in govt, an American POW in Iran, Dilbert and the Israeli consulate. Matt Gaetz is the bit of yarn that ties all these strange elements together. But how much is actually known of the veracity of the equally bizarre claims coming from all sides? Phil takes a look at the situation as it stands now.

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Rafael Perales No. 95512 2021-04-06 : 19:17

Parece ser que hay gente que sabe mucho...pero no pueden hablar.Desde el Comet ping pong,hasta Jeffrey Epstein,o la mafia fazara sionista,o los nazis de la CIA,parece un entramado a nivel mundial sobre tráfico de niños,pedosatanismo y adrenocromo.Que como una serpiente hydra,al correrme la cabeza...salen otras.

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