By: Jim Watkins | 04-07-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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Georgia Must Hold the Line

Georgia, you have to hold the line. The weight of the Deep State is weighing on you. It is possible to redeem yourselves. Our Lord forgives, and our Country is forgiving. Georgia, you are responsible for a large portion of the political chicanery from 2020. It is admirable that your state is making progress in changing the process. Changing the process ensures that Georgians can again raise their heads high.

Now Georgia is feeling the financial pressure from the Deep State. This is their big weapon. Other patriots are counting on you to pay this price. It is a debt owed. It is a debt that Georgia has to the rest of America. The debt owed for allowing the 2020 election extravaganza circus escalation.

The short-term pain will make you stronger as a state. Our Country, our Union, the Nation are counting on you.
Do your best, do your duty. From a future time, we look back on this, and know that doing the right thing. Being the proper citizen is the best way. Stand up strong for yourselves, for your community and your Nation. We are all following your lead.

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