By: Major Burdock | 04-15-2021 | Science, Studio
Photo credit: Unknown

Snow Cloud Avalanche

From the poster:

A "cloud avalanche" occurred near the Kapuche Glacier Lake in the mountains of Nepal. That scene is extremely rare, it's lucky enough to see it once in a lifetime.

At that time, a group of travel companions were camping by the lake, and
they took the risk of taking pictures of this rare visual feast.

The white snow clouds rushed down the valley, unstoppable, instantly
swallowing the mountains and hitting the lake surface.

Against the backdrop of the blue sky and the yellow-brown mountains, they
were more distinct, magnificent and shocking.

The strong air flow overturned the tents and sleeping bags, frightening the
travelers, but fortunately no casualties were reported.

After that, a small rainbow appeared by the lake, which was extremely
beautiful, and the travelers all cheered and marveled at it.

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Source: Unknown

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