By: Philip | 06-17-2021 | Science, Weird, Opinion, Studio
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Fluoride Is A Communist Conspiracy!

Ok, now bear with me here for a minute if you've got it and let's talk fluoride, critical thinking, the third eye, Fauci, Kubrick and Wuhan lab leak. No seriously, I swear, I'll tie it together if you've got the patience to follow for a bit.

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Safetyingrey No. 95683 2021-07-20 : 14:42

Fluoride is toxic waste; and our corrupt gov't literally buys it from Cargill & from China. Research studies have shown that it lowers IQ, and decreases fertility in populations. Even many bottlers selling water in retail markets use fluoridated water. Despite wide protests, no politician has moved to end this threat to humans; just as they haven't prohibited testing bioweapons (bacteria, viruses, chemicals) on unsuspecting Americans using chemtrails, spray mechanisms on planes, nano drones, along w/ human and animal hosts including mosquitoes! Those GMO'd mosquitoes released in TX/FL should be a concern for every American! The only threats from viruses humans face are those created in DOD/CIA/CDC labs and released on populations, along with the threat from toxic vaccines designed to kill and/or make people sick w/ disease.

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