By: Phil | 11-15-2021 | Opinion
Photo credit: Twitter | @BadLegalTakes

BadLegalTakes Twitter Takes On Kyle Rittenhouse Stupidity and Hypocrisy

The Twitter account @BadLegalTakes is doing a great job of decimating the calls for removing the due process and fundamental legal protections of the United States. Some of whom have been standard since the Magna Carta. If you're not familiar with this account, it and @DefiantLs are worth following for your daily dose of Dunning-Krueger and hypocrisy.

It amazes me how, and this happens on both sides, people are so quick to give up liberties so long as they assume it will only affect their political enemy. Spoiler alert: it will always be used against you and yours once the precedent is set you think they'll just hand over the power they seized. Did that happen after JFK? Did it happen after 9/11 and the first war on terror? No? Then why would it happen during the second "war on terror" where the enemy is your neighbor with a different political or ideological or cultural world view?

Some are even suggesting the idea that "due process" is outdated and to suggest Kyle Rittenhouse deserves it is a fascist dogwhistle. Oh yeah sure, the protections against our government's tyranny are the real fascism, sure thing, Jan.

There are also an astounding number of Bidenites who think he should act more like a king or other autocrat than an executive tied down by the checks and balances designed to make our system of government work.

Oh, and gun owners beware! You may not be aware of this legal loophole discovered by Mr. "I just googled this and misunderstood what I read" Esquire:

Oh and for those of you who have opinions some people don't like, if you're ever subpoenaed as a witness the quickest way to get out of it, according to the always hilarious, hypocritical and off-base Occupy Democrats account, the quickest way out is to admit you wrote for a publication that Occupy Democrats doesn't like. Boom! Instant freedom for Jury Duty!

Now these are just the tip of the iceberg, if you are still on that hellsite Twitter, trust me this is one of the accounts worth following. I'll be a doing a similar piece later in the week related to covid and Kyle hypocrisy exposed by the @DefiantLs account as well. Stay tuned...

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