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Blue Check Mark Accuses Dave Chappelle of Pre-emptively Influencing Transgender Deaths

Well, folks, it looks like Dave Chappelle has grown far too popular for anyone's own good. As any reasonable person knows, punching "nazis" (a term whose definition is dependent on the person bandying it about generally) is a moral and ethical act, but words? Words are violence. Then again, I also heard that silence is violence so maybe a whisper is best? Ah, but I'm getting a little off track here, it's important to warn the community about the danger that comedian and noted transphobe, Dave Chappelle is literally murdering transgender people in the streets! And of course by literally, I mean indirectly via his comedy special.

You see, apparently the number of deaths of violent deaths of transgender persons is greater in 2021 than ever before. Death of an innocent person is always a tragedy, regardless of race, religion, creed, political belief, sexual orientation or any other factor you are born with or choose to take on as a lifestyle. Eoin Higgins puts the blame on comedy specials and podcasts which are the reason that sex workers are being killed overseas and in the US. The reason why transgender persons' intimate partners have killed them in domestic violence. The fact that many of the tragedies took place in countries where Dave Chappelle and the English language podcasts Eoin [sic] is referring to are not all that popular, is also irrelevant to the matter when the issue of cold-blooded murder is on the line.

Now sure, if you want to be one of those kinds of people you could always point to statistics that point out that fact that in the year 2016 alone the transgender population in the United States doubled to 1.4 million suddenly and consider how with a far larger pool of transgender persons the number of any incidents, good or bad, is going to be increased. This is why terms like "per capita" are used, but once again, that's irrelevant to the facts of the matter. The fact is, Dave Chappelle, (according to Eoin [sic] Higgins is literally killing transgender people!

Is The Transgender Transition Industry Dangerous to Kids?

Once again, you could look at psychological evidence related to the fact that laughter is an important release valve. The fact that laughter and anger are tied neurally and one can either ignite or extinguish the other, but that, again is irrelevant. Unless, one more time, you're one of those kinds of people.

Now, in all seriousness though, I believe in the right of free expression for everyone. Problem with that is... it's messy. People are going to offend each other. And in a free society, that's a headache we have to live up or give up the ideals that the United States were founded upon. I have a family member who dealt with gender dysphoria which was improved by a sex reassignment surgery, even she has been confused by the strange and sudden influx of people identifying as transgender. With greater numbers there will be greater numbers of crime.

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Is this something we should ignore? Of course not, but it also does no one any favors to twist the facts of a case in order to suit one's narrative. The motto of The Goldwater, and rightly so I'd like to add, is "banned, biased, honest." I think that everyone is biased whether they realize it or not and the most dangerous biases are those unexamined ones. It's the biases we don't see that we can't compensate for. Now, I don't know much about Eoin apart from I occasionally see him on Twitter and usually it's fairly forgettable middle of the road neoliberal dreck from what I've mostly noticed but this really caught my eye. Since I'm ignorant of this fellow, I won't go into whether he is an actual "bad faith actor" or if he knows he is misrepresenting the facts of the matter to make a point that, unless Dave Chappelle has magical powers, seems not only implausible but literally impossible.

I mean, unless it's true what they said about how 2020 and 2021 we got stuck in one of the multiverses from Stephen King's Dark Tower series. From Mother Abbigail in the all-too familiar these days story, The Stand or John Coffey from The Green Mile it's no secret that Stephen King is a fan of the "magical negro trope." (Please don't cancel me, unlike Joe Biden I'm not using that outdated word because I'm a segregationist with outdated and bigoted ideas, but because in literary criticism that's what it's called). That said, if it is a Stephen King story after all, I think I'm about to make like the Running Man, because this dystopic, stage-managed, reality tv spectacle the earth has become more stale than the running premimse of this pitiful attempt at humor.

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