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#WorldUFODay Alien Invasion Imminent?

Recently UFOlogists have ascertained that NASA has sent UFOs into the sky in preparation for an upcoming alien invasion.

These UFOlogists are self proclaimed experts on extraterrestrial life say that NASA's Malemute sounding rocket lit up the sky with blue, green and red artificial clouds with the intent to prepare the world for the extraterrestrials which will arrive soon.

NASA’s light show could be seen by witnesses across the US from North Carolina to New York.

NASA tweeted photos of the rocket launch, with the space agency calling it “an early Independence Day fireworks display”.

The rocket launch took off from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, which reached an altitude of 118 miles and lasted eight minutes. Four minutes in, it deployed 10 canisters about the size of soft drink cans, each containing a coloured vapour that forms artificial, luminescent clouds.

The Wallops facility, as well as several local police stations, reportedly received over 2,000 individual reports and photographs from stunned skywatchers who were in shock as to what the artificial lights could have been.

The conspiracy theorists however claim it was all in preparation for the upcoming and unavoidable alien war.

UFOlogists and popular YouTubers SecureTeam10 stated that, “This looked like an alien invasion and it would appear they’re testing these different technologies that could potentially be used in order to get people frightened and flood the 911 centres with calls about these strange lights moving through the sky.”

They went on to say, “They run their test, they got their reaction and they have the perfect cover story. Is this a test of Project Blue Beam?”

For those who are unaware Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory which made claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age form of religion with the Antichrist sitting at the throne and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated “second coming”.

“Do you guys think that a lot of the UFO sightings we see are not from off planet but are in fact from our own government?” SecureTeam 10’s host Tyler asks viewers. “Are they nothing but holographic simulations in order to condition us for the big alien invasion?”

There were several delays due to weather that put off NASA's Malemute test before the rocket finally was successful and those same theorists claim that extraterrestrial intervention could have prevented those launches.

That didn't stop critics from complaining on the comments sections however. One fan wrote, “The fear mongering in your videos is not necessary to gain a following, you being one pioneer of ufology you should be pursuing a change in how the public view aliens.”

NASA just last week was forced to respond to claims a child slave colony lived on Mars. The amazingly conspiracy theory originated on Infowars by host Alex Jones and ex-CIA case officer Robert David Steele.

Steele made the insane allegations while appearing on the popular talk show hosted by Jones. The claims were viral enough that NASA spokesmen had to confirm “there are no humans on Mars”.

It also has raised eyebrows now that the United States has installed a ‘Sixth Branch’ of the military known as the Space Corps.

If plans push through, the U.S. would have a new branch of the armed forces. It would be the creation of a U.S. “Space Corps” which would also incorporate the current space missions of the U.S. Air Force.

The House Armed Services Committee has voted for the creation of the Space Corps, and it will be poised to become the first new military service in the country since 1947.


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