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Trump Wins Again! Border Patrol busts Illegal Alien Drug Cartel in New Hampshire

The United States Border Patrol in New Hampshire made a crucial stop involving both criminal illegal aliens who are members of a drug cartel and also the seizure of dangerous deadly narcotics that could have poisoned American youth if it had hit the streets.

Thankfully agents at the Beecher Falls Border Patrol Station stopped that from happening during this past weekend.

During their ongoing operations in the region they made several busts including one major stop which led to the arrest of 25 illegal aliens and the seizure of a variety of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

According to the United States Border Patrol they established a checkpoint with the support of the Woodstock Police Department, along a major highway, Interstate 93 in New Hampshire.

“Checkpoints are just one of the tools we utilize to enforce the immigration and other federal laws of our nation,” said Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent John C. Pfeifer. “In addition to technology, manpower and intelligence, checkpoints help to deny access to major routes of egress away from the border and into our communities in the interior of the U.S.”

Over the course of their three day long operation, Swanton Sector Border Agents apprehended the 25 criminals after they found that they did not possess valid immigration status.

According to the agents 14 of those were visa overstays from Colombia. Agents also arrested other illegal aliens from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.

To add insult to injury for the Cartel who were taken into custody over immigration violations, federal agents also seized drugs and drug paraphernalia including marijuana, cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms, and hash oil.

Now those Cartel Members have been handed over to the Woodstock Police Department for further investigation and prosecution for their crimes before they're reported.

The New Hampshire agents also say a United States citizen who ran the checkpoint fleeing at a high rate of speed for nearly 5 miles.

Woodstock Police then gave chase and finally detained the driver who was later charged with three felonies including reckless driving, possessing a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a minor.

According to the United States Border Patrol, the Swanton Sector holds the responsibility for securing land borders at all ports of entry in Vermont, New Hampshire and northeastern New York.

If you see something, say something. Help the Border Patrol keep our nation’s borders safe and report suspicious activity at 1-800-689-3362.


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