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Nigel Farage Furious over Brexit Negotiations: ‘We’re Free to Walk Away’

As we told you earlier this week, the UK and the European Union are continuing the entanglement of their everlasting dance over the terms of Brexit, the agreement which will decide on the terms of the British leaving the Union.

That article, written by my colleague Kyle James, can be found here:

Now, as these negotiations drag on longer and longer, the first strains of nerve are starting to show on both sides. Nigel Farage, the former Ukip (UK Independence Party) leader who was mostly responsible for the Brexit referendum win, vented his anger over the ongoing negotations on his radio program yesterday.

Mr Farage claims that the EU is holding the UK hostage by demanding that the divorce bill be settled before any trade talks can even begin.

On his LBC radio show, he declared: "It's rather like a ransom: they're treating us like we're a hostage. We're not a hostage. We are free to go. We're free to simply walk away. I don't want it to come to that but unless they're prepared to compromise then I just don't see quite what David Davis can do."

As you know, David Davis is a Conservative UK politician assigned to negotiate the terms of Brexit with the EU.

The big argument according to Mr Farage is indeed about the size of the divorce bill, the amount the UK owes the EU for being able to simply leave the Union. On this topic, Mr Farage declared that: "The speculation began that it was gonna be €50bn…but there's no itemisation whatsoever."

It would seem that Mr Farage’s long time European nemesis, Mrs Angela Merkel of Germany, is keeping a ‘stiff upper lip’ as the Brits say when it comes to this.

Mrs Merkel, who still holds the reins of European politicians will not let off on settling the divorce bill before any talks can begin. As to her, Mr Farage told a journalist of UK daily The Express that: "She can go jump. To ask the UK to pay a Brexit bill without agreement on free trade deal is tantamount to blackmail. Their make-believe Brexit bill has no legal basis whatsoever and the EU knows it."


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