By: Steve Dellar | 09-05-2017 | News
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Murder Suspect Uses Lyft to Transport a Dead Body

We always knew that there would be others when Uber found a gaping hole in the transport market. With cheap rides and people able to up their monthly salary using their own car, the founders of Uber had indeed tread on the new ground back in 2010.

And so it happened that a few years after Uber took the transport market by storm, other rivals appeared. The most known one so far being Lyft, which is like a cheaper version of it. As from 2012, it also starting offering rides.

Now Uber has been in a spot of trouble lately because its CEO got into a fight with one of their own drivers, as my colleague Kyle reported here: and was subsequently replaced. Lyft should then, of course, step up their game, which apparently they did.

Unfortunately, they are now breaking news because of some unpleasantness as well.

In the case of the Temple University murder which broke in the news this weekend (22-year-old Jenna Burleigh, Harleysville, Pennsylvania, was found dead after having been last seen at Temple University’s campus bar and the suspect was Josh Hupperterz (pictured, right), a former student at that said university with a criminal background), it appeared that the suspected killer had a spot of trouble moving the body of the girl in order to dump it at his grandmother’s house some 100 miles away from where the murder actually happened.

Luckily, and probably thanks to an app on his mobile phone, Lyft presented him with a solution and a cheap one on top of that. I mean, it’s not like you want to pay Uber rates when you have to travel 100 miles with a corpse.

Lyft acknowledges that one of their drivers is being questioned by police for this fact and said that it stands "ready to work with the authorities in their investigation."

Mainstream media reports today that, wait for it, the Lyft driver was probably unaware what Mr. Hupperterz was transporting.

Unless he cut the body up in different parts or stuck it in a large travel bag, a dead body in your car which has only recently past is a, pardon the pun, a dead giveaway I believe.

We’ll keep you updated on any further development.


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