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Since Mark Zuckerberg Sold Ads to Russia to Influence US Election, Doesn't That Make Him A Criminal?

Mark Zuckerberg certainly seems to be backing the Ultra-Marxist fake news over Russia lately, first making headlines saying that Russia did in fact purchase Pro-Trump ads during the 2016 elections and now he's saying that Facebook will release the proof to the United States Government.

Let's first analyze the bird and pull apart the bones here to show that the meat is indeed injected with steroids and not organic as it is being advertised to the consumer.

First and foremost, it's widely assumed Mark Zuckerberg is running for President in 2020 or even 2024.

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He's made his premeditated rounds across the United States with staged photo opportunities and speeches that literally make him seem more artificial than a social justice Barbie doll to anyone with half of a brain cell inside of their skull.

He's fake, fraudulent, and virtue signals more than Rachel Maddow on her period on a regular basis. He's essentially an actor, and not a very good one.

Second let's also point out that this should disqualify Mark Zuckerberg from the 2020 or any future elections. Say what? Yes.

He essentially sold advertisements to Russia (if true) and assisted in the foreign influence and subversion of our election that everyone in the government continues to claim happened.

So Facebook knowingly made money off of allowing a foreign government to intervene in the American Democratic Electoral Process, and did nothing to prevent it?

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That's pretty amazing considering Zuckerberg himself said <i>”I do think that there's a certain… Profound lack of empathy, on asserting that the only reason someone could have voted the way they did is because they saw some… Fake news.”</i>

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Wow, I love it when someone not only contradicts themselves but also implicates themselves in a crime.

Speaking of which, hey Congress, hey Department of Justice, doesn't this mean Mark Zuckerberg conspired with Russia and affected the outcome of the election?

Looks like Zuckerberg has committed <i>treason</i>, or at the very least <i>colluded with Russia</i>.

That's funny considering that Facebook has now agreed to provide details to the Congressional investigators about the ads which it claims were purchased by Russians to influence the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Congress has allegedly ramped up the pressure on Facebook to release the so called Russian purchased ads, including much of that occurring from the Democratic Party.

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Seems a bit odd since Zuckerberg runs a platform that censors Conservatives and labels small editorial and free thinking right wing publications who don't have to answer to corporate censorship as <i>Fake News</i>, simply because based writers and pundits speak the brutal truth that's often times <i>/pol/itically incorrect</i>.

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One of the top Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron in itself), Senator Mark Warner, and his <i>partner in crime</i> Senator Amy Klobuchar are now both seeking co-sponsors on their proposed legislation that would require Facebook, Google and other digital platforms to disclose more information about political advertisements and the buyers behind them to the government.

That's right free speech, another giant <i>”Fuck You”</i> from the big government and big brother pushing left wing Democrats, who now want to control the tech sector with legislation, <i>since they already own the companies</i>.

The new legislation will try and require privately owned web platforms with more than one million users to publicly disclose the names of both the individuals and organizations intend to spend more than $10,000 on advertisements that could be considered political in nature.

Funny, because every advertisement on television, every television series, every television show, and those on the internet as well; all have left wing propaganda intertwined with them.

Daytime and Nighttime talk shows, “comedy” shows, news, movies, horror series, all of it; they all bash President Trump and push cultural marxist indoctrination daily.

Where's the investigation into that? Oh right it's totally fine <i>if the Democrats do it</i> amirite?

I mean damn, the <i>Democrats lost the election because Americans don't want to live in an American version of Communism intertwined with Socialism</i>, yet here they are still with Republicans in control pushing for more of their totalitarianism trying to make the United States of America the United Nanny State of America.

Just what hell is going on here?

Zuckerberg is insane to begin with, and these Democrats have lost their damn minds.

Keep in mind, this is 2017. First and foremost everyone uses a VPN in the modern age who's at least somewhat concerned about their security.

I can be posting from Dallas, Texas and appear as if I'm in Russia, or China, or Iceland, or where the hell ever I want.

I can use Bitcoin or PayPal or just about any digital currency and make a purchase and appear as if I'm wherever I like as well.

You mean to tell me that if Russia bought advertisements from Facebook, one of the smartest and most brilliant nations in cyber warfare, they'd use Russian IP addresses and Russian banks and not appear as if they're some random American LLC, in order to appear as a legitimate American voter?

Wew. That makes absolutely no sense. Only the elderly in Congress who don't understand how the internet even works would believe something so stupid.

Then again most of Congress is beyond pathetic at this point on both sides of the aisle.

It's as if they think by repeating stupidity Americans will believe it? Seriously I think they view us as mentally deficient or something.

Let's talk about that too, because Zuckerberg and Facebook have over a billion users. Reddit and Twitter have less but still hundreds of millions; and all of these platforms censor the right wing repeatedly,and allow free roaming death threats to even the President of the United States of America on a regular basis, and manipulate their algorithms to benefit the Democrats.

Where's the investigation into that?

If the legislation from these Democrats did become law, the tech companies and social media websites would also have to provide a hard copy of the advertisements bought that were political as well as disclose details about the targeted audience in which it was purchased for.

Basically, the government would then have access to the tech companies code and algorithms which are what determines the user's interests. That's overstepping moral boundaries as well as giving up your ability to remain competitive as a company.

Also included would be data on the number of people who view the advertisements, the time and date it was published to the platform, the amount of money charged for the ad, and the buyer's contract information.

This is as if the government wants to come into your homes again, like Hillary says, <i>it takes a village to raise a child</i> levels of audacity.

These Democrats are seriously insane. I don't know how else to describe these people. How can they not respect a business's right to exist and it's privacy? Why would they not consider this at all?

Maybe they did. At this point it could all be another grab at complete and utter control which is the underlying goal of the left in any situation. They can't seem to accept defeat though, because even after losing they're now virtue signaling their way into passing law and legislation they would have asked for if they were in control to begin with.

The two Senators Klobuchar and Warner say that modern digital platforms merit further scrutiny because they reach a much larger audience than broadcasters, and yet are not somehow subject to the same disclosure requirements.

Bye bye free and open internet. Essentially, they want to shut it down. They always want to shut it down.

Making up fake foreign influences for added dramatic effects into their losses in an election instead of realizing why they lost and changing tactics.

Since they're so into investigating foreign government's alleged interferences into the 2016 election why don't they investigate the countries that we know interfered?

Yes, like Mexico. We know several million illegal alien criminals from Mexico voted, so was the Mexican government trying to influence our elections?

Certainly seems so to me. Let's investigate that one, Democrats. I'll be waiting.


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