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Why Are Convicted Pedophile Priests Still Receiving Life-Long Benefits from the Vatican?

There's no doubt that the Catholic Church and it's leadership has been completely hijacked by a demonic sense of embracing pedophilia.

It seems as if every month another Priest, Cardinal, or someone with direct ties to the Vatican is facing a new barrage of charges that they're guilty of sexually assaulting a child or engaged in the production, distribution, or downloading of child pornography.

So why does the Vatican continue to shield these monsters from Prosecution? Even worse, why is the Vatican providing those Convicted of such crimes with lifelong benefits even after they've been proven in a court of law to have committed crimes against children?

A disturbing find coming out of Louisville, Kentucky seemingly pushed the envelope of investigative journalism here; finding that the Archdiocese of Louisville has still been providing those whom were convicted of sex crimes against children with pensions and funding.

Why would the Vatican approve financing pedophiles and child sex predators?

What message is it sending to the victims, when the Church is continuing to finance the atrocities committed against them by giving the Priests cash even after they're convicted?

Any and all Parishioners should be asking their Catholic Church leaders why they'd continue to give money to those convicted of the crimes, to make sure their children and others who could come into contact with these evil people are protected.

Several Priests who have been convicted such as Father Joseph Hemmerle, deny being responsible heinous acts against children.

"I'm innocent of all these charges," Hemmerle told a Judge after being convicted by a Meade County Jury in a Kentucky courtroom.

Some of his victims say that's what scares them the most; that the Priests continue to deny their atrocities even after it's been proven in a court of law.

"As far as I'm concerned, the guy is a huge threat to other children," said Hemmerle molestation victim Michael Norris.

Norris was recently notified that since the crime against him occurred when he was 11 years old, which was before 1980, the old laws apply and Hemmerle will be eligible for parole in 2018 to become a free man even after he's now convicted.

"I think it's absurd," Norris said. However what's really troublesome for Norris is that even though Hemmerle is now a twice convicted pedophile, the Archdiocese of Louisville has yet to start the process to remove him from Priesthood.

Giving a report as to why such inaction has been taken, the Archdiocese of Louisville told <a href="">WAVE 3 News</a>, a local Kentucky station <i>”that's because Hemmerle is appealing one of the counts.”</i>

Convicted Priests can be placed upon what's known as <i>”Prayer and Penance”</i>, and then the Archdiocese will ensure that those convicts will continue to receive their pensions and Medicare supplements.

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How would you feel if you were molested, raped, or forced to have sexual imagery of you taken by a Priest; who's later convicted in a court of law but he's still being funded by the Vatican?

It's shocking, and it's absurd.

Why does this continue and why the hell is the Vatican protecting these animals?

So many questions for people to consider here. I'm not knocking Catholics. It's not your fault the church has become corrupted to the core by what I define as the Synagogue of Satan.

Pope Francis is one of the most unpopular Pontiffs to ever hold the title, and in fact his ideals and acceptances of much of today's degeneracy has <a href="">called for his removal </a>by those who promote traditional values.

Just what the hell is going on in the Vatican and around the Catholic Church in general? It's as if some demonic pedophile cult is in complete control, and little to nothing ever comes of these crimes.

I do however question how some people can remain Catholic in 2017 whilst the leadership has been proven to be as corrupt as it now factually is.

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