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House Intelligence Committee GRILLS John McCain Associate Tied to Fusion GPS Fake Trump Dossier

As most of America is already aware, a few key RINOs in Washington, DC colluded alongside the Clinton Campaign to prevent a Trump Presidency; and one of those most crucial to the Fake Trump Dossier by having advanced knowledge of its inception was Senator John McCain.

The disgraceful Senator from Arizona has consistently tried to undermine the Trump Administration's campaign promises, and often times be has been the leading no-vote to prevent the President of the United States of America from achieving victory, such as with Obamacare Repeal.

Now today the House of Representatives investigative panel, the House Intelligence Committee; has brought a close associate of the Arizona Senator, David Kramer, a former State Department official, onto Capitol Hill for an intense interrogation session.

Sir Andrew Wood, a former British Ambassador to Russia, first told<a href=""> John McCain and David Kramer </a>about the Trump Dossier back in November of 2016, alleging that McCain himself had advanced knowledge of the Fake Trump Dossier which was created by British MI6 Agent Christopher Steele and given to<a href=""> “Fake News” Buzzfeed </a>to publish, through the<a href=""> financing of the Hillary Clinton </a>Campaign which later openly<a href=""> bragged about the smear </a>for her candidacy.

Kramer is so intertwined with John McCain, that since leaving the State Department he's become a Senior Director at the McCain Institute, which is supposedly a non-profit organization.

Without a shadow of a doubt it was John McCain who handed over the fraudulent Fusion GPS document to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which then through the<a href=""> Loretta Lynch led </a>Department of Justice contacted<a href=""> Barack Obama </a>and used the Fake Trump Dossier as a reason to seek out FISA warrants to wiretap both multiple members of the Trump Campaign pre-election in order to benefit Hillary Clinton, and eventually the Trump transition team after Donald Trump won the Presidency.

“John McCain was tipped off to the existence of the Fake Trump Dossier (who at the time had no idea it was fraudulent, and instead tried to propagate the document as somehow having proof that Russians were blackmailing Donald Trump) by the former British ambassador to Russia, who at McCain’s request arranged for the author of the dossier, former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, to meet with Kramer to show him “the pre-election memoranda on a confidential basis,” according to court filings.

Despite knowing that the document is fraudulent, many Democrats and likely the “Never Trump” crowd within the GOP have still attempted to this day to find out if any of the unbelievable allegations in the dossier hold any merit.

As we now know, a Russian American lobbyist and Veteran of the Russian Military,<a href=""> Rinat Akhmetshin</a>, met with President Trump's team inside of Trump Tower, and that was attempted to have been used against Trump to allege some type of Kremlin connection.

Despite this, as it turns out Rinat Akhmetshin is actually on the<a href=""> visitors logs </a>of the White House for meeting with Barack Obama prior to his meeting with the Trump Campaign, which in the eyes of many is absolute proof that Barack Hussein Obama used Akhmetshin as a plant in order to further underscore his logic to spy on political opponents in the Trump Administration.

Of course it's also been proven that now demoted Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr had tied to Fusion GPS, and that Deputy Attorney General<a href=""> Rod Rosenstein </a>, who appointed the <a href=""> corrupt Special Counsel </a>Robert Mueller, also worked closely with Ohr.

All of this after the exposure of<a href=""> Peter Strzok</a>, who's consistently been proven to have a bias against Trump, has been a source of headlines for weeks.

Unsurprisingly enough, as we've reported before, John McCain is a “Never Trumper” who's not only<a href=""> a traitor </a>to the GOP and America, with a<a href=""> hidden past </a>that most are unwilling to discuss, but also was directly involved in pressing the now-proven fraudulent Trump Dossier into the media spotlight in an attempt to give Hillary Clinton the boost necessary for her to win the 2016 election (it didn't work, Johnny boy).

This could potentially explain why John McCain has claimed to need the seem treatment instead of voting for the Tax Reform plan this week in the Senate, in order to shield himself from any backlash while trying to garnish sympathy.

Since we know that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign financed the Fusion GPS created Fake Trump Dossier, it should be reminded to the American people daily that John McCain helped to propagate this lie because he despised Trump so much.

The investigation into the origins of the document, and who knew about it could essentially destroy John McCain if he's found to have more ties than he's let on, and hopefully expose various “Never Trumpers” that back the GOP.

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Anonymous No. 14330 2017-12-20 : 04:48

please improve your arguments - john mcCain deserves your criticism but you say he forwarded the dossier to the FBI nov 2016 when the FBI already had and used it for FISA warrants well before then so by your data he's a POS but not the reason trump was surveilled

Anonymous No. 14318 2018-07-14 : 03:12

Nobody said McCain "was the reason" lmfao

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