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Netanyahu Scandal Deepens As Prime Minister's Family Interrogated

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's house of cards continues to fold in on itself as the Bibi is embroiled in yet another corruption case. This would be the ninth time that the Israeli Prime Minister would be questioned related to cases he is directly or indirectly involved in. Just this Monday, police were finally able to question Benjamin and his wife Sara related to the Bezeq telecom fraud, bribery and corruption scandal involving the Prime Minister attempting to quell negative coverage. Yair, the Netanyahus' son has also been questioned related to the matter.

The Bezeq scandal is related to what police investigators are calling Case 4000 which is related to the allegations that Netanyahu offered favorable legislation that would support Bezeq in exchange for positive press from Walla, a news site owned by Bezeq's largest shareholder. Netanyahu served as his own communications minister from November 204 to February 2017, during which time Walla's coverage of him approved, but he claims that he didn't influence decisions. Netanyahu is still denying any wrongdoing related to any of the charges.

Netanyahu's previous media advisor, Nir Hefetz, is one of a growing number of confidantes who have turned state's witness recently. Shlomo Filber, former director general to Israel's Communications Ministry has also joined the ranks of former inner circle members trading their testimony for immunity. Case 4000 is only one of the cases that is directly affecting the Prime Minister but one of the reasons police have been interested in indicting him for months. Since obtaining recordings from state's witnesses, wife Sara is also a possible target for indictment on charges related to fraud, corruption, bribery and media collusion.

It was February that police first recommended indictment of the Prime Minister on charges that involved bribery, fraud, and breach of trust related to two separate cases. So far the Attorney General (himself appointed by the Prime Minister) has not yet decided whether to move forward with proceedings. In another case of media collusion (Case 2000) Netanyahu allegedly also offered regulatory advantages to suit the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the best selling newspaper in Israel.

Netanyahu is not yet a suspect in Case 3000 but he is being sought for questioning in the case related to a deal involving the sale of submarines and other naval vessels. It is interesting to note that after the corruption charges began to amass in late 2017 Netanyahu stepped back from a bill that would have kept the Israeli police from publishing their findings as well as curtailing their ability to issue recommendations for indictment of public officials. Many hardline members of Netanyahu's Likud party are still in full support, but according to some recent surveys, nearly half of Israelis believe the police and think Netanyahu should step down with one-third believing he deserves to remain in office.


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Anonymous No. 21533 2018-03-26 : 14:42

( attempts to bring him down yet you claim this

"Benjamin Netanyahu's house of cards continues to fold"

Do I sense a bit of bias here, antisemitism, perhaps?

Anonymous No. 21535 2018-03-26 : 14:44

"Benjamin Netanyahu's house of cards continues to fold" … No, just a kevin spacey reference… LOL

Anonymous No. 21538 2018-03-26 : 15:23


so noticing crimes by Jews or Zionists is antisemitism these days? oy vey izmir!

Anonymous No. 21549 2018-03-26 : 16:51

Jews jewing Jews…that's a first.

Anonymous No. 21566 2018-03-26 : 21:56

No, 8 previous attempts to bring Bibi down, this is just another, in a long line of Marxists interference.

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