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Photo credit: Pasadena Police Department

Graphic - Video Released Of Fatal Texas Officer Shootout

Police in Pasadena, Texas have released video of a traffic stop that ended in a fatal shootout with a Pasadena police officer. The routine traffic stop turned bad when the driver got out of the car and appeared to be hiding something behind his back. When the officer called out to the man to show his hands he drew a handgun and pointed it at the officer.

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Multiple angles show the ensuing shootout that ended with the driver of the vehicle being killed by the officer. The driver didn't pull over for several blocks and appears agitated when he gets out of the car. Good cover and concealment aided this officer and helped him land the shots that killed the driver.

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The driver has been identified as 44-year-old Marco Antonio Saavedra and it's not clear if he actually fired any shots at the officer. Pasadena police identified the officer in the shooting as 40-year-old Marc Adams who is a 13 year veteran of the Pasadena Police Department.

Pasadena Police Department Asst. Chief Josh Bruegger said, "He's obviously shaken up. Anytime an officer is placed in a position where he has to take somebody's life it's a stressful situation. It's unfortunate the officer was placed in the position but, when the suspect points a weapon directly at the officer the officer really has no choice but to defend himself."

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Saavedra had a long criminal history and the firearm he pointed at Adams was reported stolen. His criminal history includes evading arrest, three cases of aggravated assault of a family member and violating a protective order. A warrant was issued for Saavedra in September 2017 for a charge of aggravated assault of a family member and violating a protective order.

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Anonymous No. 22087 2018-04-02 : 10:50

For the following part

"… it's not clear if he actually fired any shots at the officer."

I call BS …

At 51-52 sec on the LEO car-cam it clearly shows he did fire a least 1 shot.

This guy was hunting for Suicide by Police Officer.

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