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Texas - El Paso Residents Support Trump’s Wall

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Construction on a 20-mile expansion of Trump's border wall in southern New Mexico is underway. The U.S. Border Patrol in El Paso, Texas confirmed Monday the construction of the 18-foot tall wall is scheduled to be built over the next year. There will also be an additional two miles built in Calexico, California and 14 miles in San Diego, according to Border Patrol.

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But how are the residents of border states reacting to Trump's wall finally going up? Everyone from talk show hosts to family members sitting around the dinner table have debated the wall, and now that it is finally being built let's see how people actually feel.

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President of the Chihuahuita Neighborhood Association Mannys Rodriguez said, "I don't think everyone should have the wall because they don't live as close to the border as we do. But for me, I'm for it." Chihuahuita is one of the smallest neighborhoods in El Paso and homes in the area have been handed down through the generations. Rodriguez lives right on the edge of the southern U.S./Mexico border.

"At first, you know we didn’t like it. But then we got used to it because we could see that most people wouldn't cross as easily as they used to. Or we didn't see any bundles. To us, right now, the fence is something secure for us." Rodriguez's brother is Martin Silver and he said, "I have to learn to live with it. They’re not going to tear it down because of me."

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Another resident named Manny Lara said, "Illegal border crossing has been down for the last 10, 15 years? I mean I see it here. There's not that many illegal people who cross through here." While the children of Chihuahuita will have to play and walk from school in the shadow of the fence, they seem to have more peace of mind overall. Rodriguez added, "That’s my backyard. And you know it’s safer for me."

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