By: Savannah Smith | 04-14-2018 | Entertainment
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Working Mom Sues Steve Harvey for Making Her “Look Slutty” on His Show

A woman has sued television host Steve Harvey and his talk show producers for making her look “slutty” when she guested on his show.

Single mom Dominique Collier said she had responded to a casting call for “single professional women who like to show off their looks” for the “Steve Harvey“ show. The call was for an episode that aired in April 2016.

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Collier is claiming that she was deceived by the producers initially telling her that they would highlight her being a professional single mother, who also happened to be a fitness model. But Collier said that what actually happened on the show was hugely different from what was promised to her.

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Collier showed up for the show’s taping dressed up in a conservative outfit- a long-sleeved blouse and pencil skirt. The producers ditched said look and instructed her to change into a halter top and form-fitting skirt.

The segment taped also included an audience vote on her looks, and Collier said in her lawsuit that such descriptions as “whore”, “slut”, “ratchet” and “daddy issues” were thrown her way. A humiliated Collier filed for a cease and desist to the show to remove the said derogatory audience poll from the segment before it aired.

The show obliged and removed the contentious part, but as far as Collier is concerned, the damage to her has already been done in front of the live audience.

Collier also claimed that the producers altered her photos to make her look more provocative.

The single mom’s woes did not end there as she narrated in her lawsuit the worst offense happened backstage when Harvey himself walked up to her and handed her the clothing she arrived in, including her bra and undergarments. Collier said she felt demeaned by the act. Worse, she said she felt sexually harassed.

Collier is suing Harvey and the show’s production company Endemol Shine and NBC for at least $2 million.

Harvey and the production have not commented on the issue.


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anonymous No. 23085 2018-04-14 : 04:28

another woman just trying to make and easy dollar. Cry Me a River of Tears

Anonymous No. 23111 2018-04-14 : 12:44

One question ….

Who called to apply?

Anonymous No. 23119 2018-04-14 : 14:11

Just how dumb do you have to be to get bamboozled by Steve Harvey? For fucks sake.

Dam No. 23180 2018-04-15 : 11:15

He's such a gynocentric cuck that this makes me happy :)

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