By: Kyle James | 04-21-2018 | Weird
Photo credit: Scott Waring

Triangle UFO Sighted Alongside International Space Station (Video)

A UFO was seen alongside the International Space Station April 14, 2018, and was even captured on video. The sighting was reported by Scott Waring of which posted the video showing a triangle UFO with what appears to be flashing lights.

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Waring said, "This UFO is going to blow your mind! I mean it just shows up as a single glowing orb. Then it divides into about 4-6 flashing orbs! During this time the UFO is revealed partially, meaning it's not 6 UFOs, but one large UFO of about 300 meters diameter."

While the sighting may be little more than a lens flare, Waring describes the craft taking a distinguishable triangle shape. "As you can see in the above photo, the UFO has a more TR3B shape….meaning its a triangle! To see the triangle UFO, pause the video at 1:12 to see it."

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Scott Waring</span>

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The triangle UFOs are commonly referred to as TR3B, a supposed military aircraft comprised of secret anti-gravity technology. "The TR3B UFO is known as an alien craft that the USAF has modified to be flown by humans," he said. Waring goes on to explain how the TR3B was a part of an effort to extract alien technology.

"This appears to be one of those top secret government ships," Waring said. "Such a craft has the capability to fly from Earth to the moon in under a minute. It's not light speed, but its fast."

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8 Comment/s
mel No. 23673 2018-04-21 : 01:35

ok, so who was taking the video?

Anonymous No. 23675 2018-04-21 : 01:45

youtube vid was fucking terrible. why is the entire purple?

Johnny Neptune No. 23687 2018-04-21 : 03:45

The first thing I noticed is the terrible quality of this video, which is kind of odd since NASA only uses super high definition video feed… The second thing I noticed was an obvious case of lens flare, not a UFO, and not an object at all to be more specific… While the lens flare is happening, if you look to the left, a little closer to the space station, you will see a secondary refraction happening simultaneously… The exact same anomaly, simply a trick of light and lens… Nothing more and nothing less… It's not surprising that a douchebag faggotshow like The Goldwater would actually call this 'journalism'… you suck

Johnny Neptune No. 23689 2018-04-21 : 03:55

In this first image, the Green Arrow is pointing at the actual reflective source for the lens flare… The orange arrow is pointing at a minimum lens flare, and the red arrow is pointing at the brighter lens flare, or what an idiot would call 'A UFO FLASHING IT'S LIGHTS'… I've actually smoked meth with brain-injured orangutans who were better journalists than you… faggot

Johnny Neptune No. 23690 2018-04-21 : 04:01

In my second image, I have drawn a straight Blue Line directly from the original source of the light reflection, and if you care to notice, the 2 lens flare refractions are in a directly straight path, proving that it's nothing more than a trick of light and lens.

While watching this entire ridiculous waste of time video, you will notice that there are three rippled sections to the reflective metallic surface on the space station, and as it rotates, the different areas catch the sun's rays, at one moment reflecting one point of light, the next moment reflecting two or three points of light… But everytime it happens, there is a simultaneous secondary refraction happening where the orange arrow is pointing.

It's also important to notice the bright vertical lens flare coming off the space station in my first image, emanating from where my green arrow points.

It gives off a bright white vertical lens flare that stretches all the way to the top of the screen.

(Number One, there's something wrong with this entire video, because the International Space Station doesn't rotate like that, it's really low res, and everything is purple and pink… Number Two, you're a faggot)

Anonymous No. 23700 2018-04-21 : 05:50

Yeah, shit vid. I did run it back and saw the frames. Have to say … inconclusive.

Anonymous No. 23703 2018-04-21 : 06:01

Inconclusive is not improbable, actually there is a probability that it is a possibility of being real.

Anonymous No. 23717 2018-04-21 : 12:05

IF it were a craft, it would be a Space Air-Craft.

Given the photo direction is BELOW the ISS and appears closer to the clouds.

I could see a valid argument it was a test flight for a Boeing_X-37++ "type" Rapid Deployment Relaunch-able Air/space craft that uses a space launch to arrive and air supersonic to leave after mission.

sample example:

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