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Houston Officer Recounts Day George H.W. Bush Gave Him The Shirt Off His Back

A Houston Police officer has a photo on his bookshelf to remember the day President George H.W. Bush gave away the shirt off his back. The photo was taken shortly after Bush senior left the White House in 1993 while Officer Ray Hunt was working at a fundraiser where people paid for photos with the retired president.

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Hunt recounted the experience, "He goes, 'Officer, would you like a photo too?' And I said, 'It was $100. I don't have $100.' And he said, 'No, come take it.'" The Houston officer stepped up and took the photo with the former President. Hunt went on to become president of the Houston Police Officer’s Union.

That day, President Bush also offered Officer Hunt a maroon shirt just like the one he was wearing, but they ran out. "He left. He came back with a different shirt on and he handed me that shirt that he was wearing. The president literally gave me the shirt off of his back," Hunt said. Former President George H.W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush have been avid supporters of the Houston police ever since and even wore the blue "pray for police" bracelets.

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Hunt recalled seeing the Bush's use the photo of them wearing the bracelets as their Christmas photo. The experience is one Hunt will never forget. After all, not many people can say a President gave them the shirt off his back. "I think it's what everybody has been saying about him and his wife these last few weeks. He's just an incredible person and it's an incredible family. I know people talk about the Kennedys being a dynasty, but I clearly believe that the Bush family is a dynasty. They’re just a class act," Hunt said of the former first family.

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Anonymous No. 24096 2018-04-25 : 02:57

Bush n Clinton are the dynasties were sick of. So, he did a good deed good for him. It won't make up for all the felonious shit he got away with.

Anonymous No. 24097 2018-04-25 : 03:03

Technically the same could be said for all presidents, except for maybe JFK

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