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US Special Forces Fight For Saudi Due To Debt, Diplomacy And The Petro-Dollar

As it turns out, the US military doesn't just concern itself with fighting Israel's wars in the Middle East. Our special friends in Saudi Arabia also seem to have plenty of clout as far as getting the might of the US military on their side. Most recently, US Army special forces have been fighting in Yemen on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

The Pentagon lied to Congress according to the New York Times in order to get troops in Yemen. <a href="">They claimed</a> that the military was involved in a "non-combat" role. Nothing more than assisting in air-refueling jets involved in bombing Yemen. NYT has also reported a small number of US special forces at the Saudi border to Yemen. Apparently, special forces ha been in the area since late 2017.

One reason the US is so intent on appeasing the Saudis is related to our economy. Why is Saudi such an important ally to the US? A lot of this has to do with the petrol-dollar.

Whereas once the US had our currency on a gold standard, now it's more closely tied to the petroleum standard.

As of late 2017, Saudi was wanting to abandon the petrol-dollar. OPEC trades all oil in dollars, and as such, the US dollar is the world's dominant reserve currency. Since Nixon took us off the gold standard and began talks with the Saudis regarding military equipment and support in exchange for financial favors. This is how Saudi Arabia became one of the US's greatest creditors. The petrol-dollar deal was meant to neutralize Saudi's capability of using it's oil reserves as a weapon, but considering it <a href="">threatened to sell nearly a trillion dollars in Treasuries and assets</a> if Congress were to pass a bill making S.A. liable in US courts for the September 11 attacks, it's clear that they have found new ways to pressure the States.

In October China began threatening that it would <a href="">"compel" S.A. to trade in the yuan</a>. Just recently, China became the largest oil importer in the world, putting the US in the number two spot. America is already deep in debt to China as well, of course. Debt and diplomacy are powerful servants and harsh masters, however. Consider the very real possibility that the US might butt out <a href="">if China attempts to invade Taiwan</a>, especially after warning they would invade if US warships enter the area.

In the case of these sorts of situations, there's no talk on the table, no room for the democratic process to play out. The Pentagon <a href="">didn't even inform Congress about the Green Berets</a> at the Yemeni border. Despite this, we ended up with boots on the ground upon the pretext of "non-combat" involvement. To be fair, this wouldn't be the first time in the last couple of decades that we went to war on a pretext, but the pressure that can be applied to the US paints a frightening picture not only for our supposed democratic process but the sovereignty of our nation.

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