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Democratic Candidate for Texas Governor Lupe Valdez Exposed Owing $12k in Back Taxes

The Texas Gubernatorial race is heating up - and with that inferno comes a rise in exposure - and for Democrat Lupe Valdez - it's come to surface that she owes a whopping $12,000.00 in back taxes.

As Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) continues his momentum across the state of Texas, it would appear that his lowly opponent, former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez is now blaming Abbott for her own failure to follow the law and pay her taxes.

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When<a href=""> Lupe Valdez won the nomination this past Tuesday </a>night, not only was she the first openly-homosexual candidate to ever have the potential of becoming the State of Texas’ Governor, but also the first Latina candidate in the history of Texas to have the same potential.

Now, it looks like she could become the first candidate to have held a major public office as the Dallas County Sheriff and still owe the State of Texas over $12,000 in taxes, which isn't exactly a promising bolster to her character.

At 70-years-old, many are already concerned that the ultra-progressive Democrat is beyond the age of a typical candidate, but the fact that she's seventy is also a sign that she <i>should be responsible enough to pay her taxes</i>, that and the fact that she's literally a former Sheriff who arrests others for the very same crimes.

It's been almost 30 years since Texas has elected a Democrat to the office, and it may actually be possible in 2018, but with news like this striking Valdez, it can't be anything but an additional obstacle for the far-left would-be politician.

The tax situation was first made public by the<a href=""> My San Antonio website </a>late on Thursday, acknowledging that Valdez has campaigned on a platform to close what she calls “broken property tax loopholes,” all while withholding the fact that she herself is in debt to the State.

It also appears that she could be in additional trouble, after it was revealed that the Democrat may have intentionally provided incorrect details on her official financial-disclosure report, including a Dallas-based home she owns which wasn't listed, and at least two of the companies listed on her filing having incorrect names.

The campaign has argued that the names being misspelled were merely typos, which is indeed plausible, if not a sign of a disorganized campaign, but the intentional avoidance of listing an owned property has many concerned that Valdez is trying to hide something.

Campaign officials for Valdez have since confirmed that she does indeed owe back taxes on multiple properties and that she already had an arrangement with the courts to have those taxes paid by January, of which she defaulted.

The campaign insists that Valdez simply didn't have the available funds to make those payments and she's instead of making installments to the best of her ability, but one must question how a candidate for Governor intends to manage the enormous economic impact of Texas when she herself is behind on her own taxes.

Such criticism is beyond fair, since the Democrats incorrectly use those arguments against President Trump, mentioning the fact that the widely successful billionaire had previous bankruptcies, making this type of argument fair game for both sides.

The difference is that President Trump had his finances in order as one of America's most successful business leaders when running for public office, but for Democrat Lupe Valdez, she's in a situation that could question the integrity or motives of any business dealings she may make if elected as Governor, with the public forever wondering if there were some financial incentives behind-the-scenes motivating the decision.

As always, The Goldwater is committed to bringing you honest news, and this type of scrutiny is something that no doubt must be considered by the good people of Texas before they make their selection.

What's even more concerning about this irresponsible failure to handle her finances, is the fact that Democrat Lupe Valdez is seemingly trying to blame Governor Greg Abbott for the fact that she failed to pay her taxes on time, on multiple occasions.

Keep in mind this is the woman who could be leading the State of Texas, and now she's degrading her already questionable character with a lack of accountability, something that Texans have always valued.

"As we've been saying all along, under Greg Abbott's failed leadership, property taxes are unpredictable and burdensome for Texans everywhere, including Sheriff Lupe Valdez," said her campaign spokesman, Juan Bautista Dominguez. "Sheriff Valdez has an agreement with the counties to payoff 2017 property taxes and plans to do so entirely in the coming months."

That's a tremendously worrisome approach to admitting that you can't keep your own house together at 70-years-old, and it should concern the people voting this November that this individual with a broken character who cannot manage her own finances could soon be in control of the entire State.

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roxanne No. 27092 2018-05-25 : 17:37

Is there not one honest Democrat? They are all so corrupt.

Anonymous No. 27093 2018-05-25 : 18:11

Wow! They let one slip, she should have called up money bags s0r0s and had it all paid up.

Damn crooks… the lot of them!!

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