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France –Macron Offers Illegal Immigrant “Spider Man” Who Saved Child Citizenship, Job

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that he will handsomely reward the illegal immigrant who played hero in saving a 4-year-old boy from serious peril, if not death when he scaled the outside of a Paris apartment to get to the dangling child and stop him from falling. Macron said he will offer the illegal immigrant from Mali a French citizenship.

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A video of the man identified as Mamoudou Gassama has gone viral showing him climbed four stories to save the little boy dangling from a balcony on Saturday. Social media users have hailed him a hero, and fondly nicknamed him “Spider-Man.”

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Macron then sent an invite to social media-sensation Gassama to meet with him at the Elysee Palace. The French President then awarded the illegal immigrant with a certificate and medal for his heroism. He also got a job offer to serve as a fireman. Gassama’s biggest reward, however, came in the form of a promise from Macron that he will be granted citizenship.

Macron has hailed the rescue as “an exceptional act, an act of heroism” and told Gassama that “we will start the naturalization process so that you can become French.”

Before the meeting, Macron took to Facebook and wrote on his official page that he invited the illegal immigrant to apply for naturalization. The President posted: “Because France is a will, and Mr. Gassama has demonstrated with the commitment that he had it!”

Gassama arrived in Paris several months back. The illegal immigrant admitted to Macron that he once attempted to cross the Mediterranean in March 2014 to reach Italy, but he was caught by authorities and sent back home. He tried again and successfully reached Italy before traveling to France where he had that glorious moment of saving a child.

Ironically prior to the “sensational” rescue effort mounted by Gassama, Macron has always taken a tough stance on immigration since he’s been elected president.

In fact, just last month The Goldwater has reported how French President Emmanuel Macron took a sharp right turn when his latest bill passed in the Assemblée Nationale (the French parliament) adopting a very tough set of new immigration measures for anyone wishing to become a French citizen whilst tightening the rules around the asylum.

France has been dealing with its own problem with illegal immigration linked also to the hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring into Europe since 2015 amid wars in Syria and Libya and unrest in the Middle East and Africa.

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France also had its own share of horrific terror attacks.

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