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BROKEN AGENCY: Drunken FBI Agent Does Backflip, Accidentally Shoots Someone in Denver Club

The Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to embarrass itself with epic failures followed by monumental disasters, and now Denver, Colorado Police are investigating an intoxicated FBI Agent who they say grossly mishandled his weapon while intoxicated and accidentally shot a civilian.

The disastrous failure begins at the Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar, a popular nightclub in downtown Denver, Colorado; where just after the midnight hours chimed in on the clock, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation was indulging himself in alcoholic beverages and dance moves, attempting to woo a crowd of people who'd surrounded him to see him show off his skills.

Just as the off-duty federal agent begins to perform his exuberant backflip-maneuver, locals who circle the agent begin to pull out their smartphones and record his dance moves.

Unfortunately for the soon-to-be-disgraced federal agent, this was not his night.

As the agent goes to perform the full 360-degree flip with his body, his standard-issue firearm falls from the holster, and bounces across the floor as onlookers gaze in disbelief at the incompetence of this armed law enforcement officer who clearly is in violation of protocol by being intoxicated and acting like an immature child inside the bar.

The agent attempts to quickly grasp the fallen weapon, after landing the backflip, of course, but that's when all hell would break loose on the floor of the Mile High Spirits nightclub.

The gun fired, and it shot someone standing close to the center-of-attention; the show-off FBI agent who was intoxicated.

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In horror, patrons realize that a person was hit by the firearm, and you can see a few nearby individuals scramble from the scene.

Watch the video again, and note the moment the careless agent drops his firearm in the middle of his embarrassing dance-off.

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Denver Police immediately responding to the scene of the shooting at 2201 Lawrence Street in downtown Denver, where the Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar had become the scene of a reckless crime committed by a horrendously immature FBI agent.

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As if the Bureau could become anymore tainted with disdain and failure, as a result of the “Spygate” scandal involving the illicit surveillance against President Donald Trump which was meant to interfere in the 2016 Presidential Elections to attempt to manipulate the public into voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton; now we have FBI agents carelessly firing their weapons at innocent civilians because they're busy being intoxicated and attempting to bolster their own ego's.

Sadly, this isn't the first<a href=""> failure of the FB </a>I in the last year, with the gunman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Nikolas Cruz, being ignored by the Bureau despite<a href=""> countless warnings from family and friends that he had tortured and killed animals </a>and may be planning an attack against students.

That failure resulted in the loss of 17 lives and played into a globalist-ploy perpetuated by the Democratic Party in order to ascertain a “Gun Control” narrative that would restrict or limit the Second-Amendment.

Many of these embarrassing failures hurt the true patriots of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who under the likes of disgraced FBI Director James Comey, and the scandalous former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, witnessed their agency be redefined from protecting the American people to a political weaponization under Barack Obama; with the intention of being a tool for the Democratic Party.

We also watched as the<a href=""> NXIVM pedophile sex cult in New York </a>were exposed for enslaving and touring women and children, noting that the FBI had ignored previous claims for years that the cult-leader Keith Raniere, who is<a href=""> connected to high-profile Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) </a>, was engaged in horrendous sexual assault and brandings.

The<a href=""> FBI itself should be investigated for their ignorance of many crimes </a>committed by those tied to the Democratic Party, although that is very unlikely to occur.

Instead, they're busy acting as a tool for the Democrats even today, raising the offices of Michael Cohen as per the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's witch-hunt against the President of the United States of America, even focusing on alleged payments to porn stars like Stormy Daniels; where they should be preventing terrorism and<a href=""> ending the criminal atrocities of child-sex trafficking and drug cartels </a>led by gangs such as MS13.

This is in part why several Democrats who were former leaders or affiliates of the Federal law enforcement agencies, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, as well as disgraced FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page have all been named in<a href=""> referrals for Criminal charges by Congress</a>.

This current example in Denver, however, is another stain which has occurred under FBI Director Christopher Wray, who seemingly hasn't made any significant changes in the way the Bureau operates now compared to the corruption and failures of shakes Comey.

Remember, Parkland happened under Wray’s watch, as have the raids against those close to President Trump in Mueller's witch hunt.

Now, this Denver FBI agent only continues to embarrass the agency, promoting the idea that the Federal Bureau of Investigation itself is a waste of spending, where liberal elites use it to attack their enemies instead of its initial purpose of protecting Americans.

I for one believe that there should be an abolishment of the FBI, and a centralized database put into place to allow local and state law enforcement agencies in all fifty states to share information and data on would-be terrorists and threats as well as ongoing criminal Investigations.

This would save countless funds annually, and prevent the endless embarrassments that the FBI continues to display on a nearly monthly basis.

It seems as if at Obama's order, James Comey permanently tainted the Bureau by hiring incompetent agents, and placing liberal-minded leaders in positions of authority, where there is little discipline or order.

That's unfortunate to those within the agency who actually care about stopping crime in America, and I give those men and women a huge thank-you, but we cannot deny that the Bureau itself is filled with stupidity anymore.

As per the case in Denver, there's now an active investigation into just how much stupidity actually exists within the Bureau.

The agent involved in the shooting at Mile High Spirits has yet to be identified by the Denver Police Department, and Denver police spokesman Marika Putnam hasn't said what kind of firearm was used in the shooting.

It's difficult to make out exactly what type of sidearm the agent was holding in the dance-off video, but many have suggested it looks to be a .40 caliber semi-automatic.

The person who was shot is now reportedly in good condition, after being shot in their lower leg, albeit they're likely to have a major lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation as per this type of degeneracy occurring from one of their agents.

In my mind, I depict an FBI where men and women adorned in suit-and-tie attire go to work with the desire to stop those involved in child-pornography and child sex trafficking; criminal gangs such as MS13, the Blood and Crips street gangs, drug cartels, Islamic terror cells within the United States of America, and even the Hezbollah criminals; as well as major online attacks against American companies from hackers; <i>but it certainly seems as it the direction of the FBI is not focused on this type of crime-prevention</i>.

The Goldwater will update this case as new details are made public, but it's crystal-clear at this point that there is a desperate overhaul needed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and if Christopher Wray isn't the proper Director to accomplish this, then he needs to be terminated and in his place a military-doctrine style leader needs to restore order.

This cannot continue to happen. The FBI is a disgrace as it currently exists. Christopher Wray isn't fixing it.

We're long past-due for the time to restructure the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and in my opinion, it's going to take a General, such as the likes of General Michael Flynn, or another patriot, to finally fix it.

You too can express your thoughts and feelings with the incompetence of the FBI by calling your local and state elected officials.

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the House of Representatives.</a>

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the United States Senate.</a>

Get involved, America.

The Democratic Party’s base certainly does this, and it's oftentimes how they're able to influence RINOs and give them a false impression of the feelings and opinions of the American people.

You too can be heard, by picking up the phone and making that call.

For all of the brilliant men and women of law enforcement who lace up their boots every day to protect us from the threats which exist in our country, the FBI embarrasses them with this kind of destructive ignorance.

Denver’s local media are all reporting on this incident, and throughout the day I expect it to become nationwide news.

It's just another example of exactly why the FBI has to change, and it has to happen soon.

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What?!! No faggot liberals crying gun control? Go figure.

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What?!! No faggot liberals crying gun control? Go figure.

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