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Photo credit: News Corp Australia/Kym Smith (Pictured: Defense Minister Payne)

Australia - Special Forces Soldier Accused Of War Crimes For Kicking Handcuffed Detainee Off Cliff

While accusations of war crimes are being levied against the Australian special forces, Defense Minister Marise Payne remains a staunch defender of the chaotic and complex work environments the government soldiers must work in. The government is simultaneously looking into claims that soldiers may have committed war crimes in Afghanistan.

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Fairfax Media published a confidential defense inquiry report that alleges misconduct occurred during special forces deployments to Afghanistan. The inquiry told of unsanctioned and illegal application of violence while on deployment as well as a blatant disregard for human life. The worst part of the report details an incident where an Australian special forces soldier allegedly kicked a handcuffed Afghan detainee off of a cliff.

Ali Jan was a shepherd and father of seven children who had been rounded up during a search for a rogue Afghan National Army sergeant who killed three Australian soldiers. The report alleges that Jan was kicked off a cliff about a river bed by an Australian soldier and later executed. Senator Payne defended the special forces of Australia and reminded people that the operations troops engage in are complex, chaotic, and very dangerous environments.

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A statement from the senator said, "As Australians would expect, these allegations must be - and are being - thoroughly examined, independently from the chain of command." Payne also confirmed the inquiry into whether there was any wrongdoing was started in May 2016 at the request of the chief of the army and chief of the defense force.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said, "I regard soldiers of the SAS as some of our finest. These are men who are prepared to put their life on the line in conflict situations to defend us and defend our freedoms." While Labor defense spokesman Richard Marles said, "Our soldiers, particularly our special forces, work in difficult and complex environments. It’s important that we know, as a country, that they’re doing it in a professional and legal way."

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Anonymous No. 28225 2018-06-09 : 11:00

I'll after kicking 1 off the cliff the other(s) started talking and providing all the info they needed.

Anonymous No. 28229 2018-06-09 : 11:45

I would have ducttaped headphones to the guy that fell off the cliff and the song that would be playing as he fell would be "I believe I can fly"

Bruce Wayne No. 28231 2018-06-09 : 11:52

I believe that liberalism is foolish: in a war, people should understand that the objective is to kill the enemy…And it should not matter how you do it.

Yes, Killing the enemy must sound horrible, and yet, even worse is our liberal elite who seem to be out to kill us, They side with our enemy's instead of giving those enemies clear warning that if you mess with us in a war situation, we will kill you to protect ourselves.

The fact that the other guy started talking proves that extreme interrogation tactics work and can save our lives.

But it seems that the politically foolish liberal minded idiots would rather try to protect those who choose to go to war against us……..

And you can bet that those islamic barbarians would cut the heads off of our people or kill as many women and children as they can to push forward their barbaric shariah law agenda……

Yes, Merkle and Obama must be very angry with this soldier, but as for me, I think we should have millions more like him and these silly wars would just stop because our enemies would not even dare to Mess with us.

Anonymous No. 28243 2018-06-09 : 14:23

I didn't realize Afghanistan had invaded Australia. Oh, it didn't?… I see… Hmmm….. So Afghanistan ATTACKED Australia?…… No?…

so, Australian troops were in Afghanistan WHY?…..

LOL !! you're kidding me, right?…

Because they were helping AMERICA invade an innocent country, commit war crimes, and murder hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women & children?

Well FUCK Australia, then. They deserve to be nuked

Anonymous No. 28248 2018-06-09 : 15:04

Excuse me!!

Would you stop for a moment?!

O…man…Haven't you thought-one day- about yourself ?

Who has made it?

Have you seen a design which hasn't a designer ?!

Have you seen a wonderful,delicate work without a worker ?!

It's you and the whole universe!..

Who has made them all ?!!

You know who ?.. It's "ALLAH",prise be to him.

Just think for a moment.

How are you going to be after death ?!

Can you believe that this exact system of the universe and all of

these great creation will end in in nothing…just after death!

Have you thought, for a second, How to save your soul from Allah's


Haven't you thought about what is the right religion?!

Read … and think deeply before you answer..

It is religion of Islam.

It is the religion that Mohammad-peace upon him- the last prophet, had

been sent by.

It is the religion that the right Bible- which is not distorted-has


Just have a look at The Bible of (Bernaba).

Don't be emstional.

Be rational and judge..

Just look..listen…compare..and then judge and say your word.

Liberal News Blackout No. 28263 2018-06-09 : 16:39

Anonymous No. 28243 -

Ever here of the Taliban?

Ever hear of Osama Bin Ladin ?

Ever hear of 9-11?

Ever hear of the 11 terrorist attacks and other attempts in Australia?

Ever hear of ISIL - Holsworthy Barracks and others?

Maybe you need to change channels.

Jack Nisen No. 28269 2018-06-09 : 17:20

Send the lad to us here in America. We'll gladly give him amnesty. He can stay in my house for free until he gets situated.

tab No. 28288 2018-06-09 : 23:56

the Afghani's were just defending their homeland against yet another invasion of theirs. Bin Laden had NOTHING to do with 9/11 which was done by The CIA and BushCo….. remember building #7?

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