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Australia - Perth Man miraculously Survives Pole Through The Groin In Terrible Crash

An Australian man suffered a terrible accident on May 22 but his survival has been dubbed a miracle. The victim is a 37-year-old named Meil McLagan who had ridden his bike countless times before so he thought nothing of it when he glanced toward his handlebars at the GPS during his morning ride. Just a few moments after looking down, McLagan heard a man yell "look out" but it was too late.

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Before he knew what had happened, McLagan was in the back of a roadworks trailer with a pole going through his groin region. The cyclist smashed into the back of the trailer on Lake Road which sent him flying through the air and he landed on an arrow sign which impaled him. Two prongs supported the sign which also struck his head.

"By reflex I lifted myself off the pole and fell back into the trailer, knowing I was in trouble because of the amount of blood that was coming out as I put my hand on the wound," McLagan said. Luckily, a nearby roadworker named Rodney Stubberfield heard McLagan's cries for help and had warned him about the trailer before the collision. Stubberfield called emergency services and used rags to put pressure on the wound. The pole had missed major arteries and reproductive organs by millimeters.

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"I couldn’t get over the amount of blood he lost — I was watching it go down the drain," Stubberfield said. McLagan lost about two liters of blood and his blood pressure got so low he nearly went into cardiac arrest. "I couldn’t feel my limbs and my vision was starting to go, I remember just hoping to stay conscious," he said. "I thought I was going to die. It’s an extreme level of fear I can’t describe but you also accept it at the time. You think, ‘Well, this is it’, and you feel your body slipping. All you think about is wanting your family." McLagan is still recovering but says he is looking forward to being active again since cycling was a huge part of his life.

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Anonymous No. 28436 2018-06-11 : 15:25

Quickly!! Ban Bikes and poles they are dangerous!! Might as well ban trailers while we are at it as they enabled this crash.

Where's the pics???

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