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Meghan Markle Stripping Photos Used In Topless Kate Middleton Court Case (Video)

To be clear: yes, you are reading that title correctly.

Back in 2012, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton) were vacationing in the south of France when a photographer for the magazine Closer took out a long-range lens and was able to shoot Ms Kate Middleton topless on several occasions.

As Miss Middleton was at that time the hottest royal around, the pictures, showing her half naked with only a pair of shorts whilst lying around or putting some lotion on her new husband’s back, made the French magazine a fortune, got any subsequent future sales of the issue banned and also got the photographers (who had been lurking around for several days in the bushes) sued in the process.

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The court recently decided that the magazine should pay some 100,000 Euro in damages to the royal couple. Following the case, Prince William said he regarded the whole ordeal particularly shocking because it “reminded us of the harassment that led to the death of my mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">French magazine Closer and two photographers to pay €100,000 in damages over topless pictures of Kate Middleton <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Sky News (@SkyNews) <a href="">September 5, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Princess Diana legendarily found her death in a Parisian tunnel while being chased by Paparazzi.

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Now, enter Meghan Markle who has recently married Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry.

According to lawyer Mr Paul-Albert Iweins, who works on behalf of Closer Magazine, they will launch an appeal against the verdict using the stripping pictures of Miss Markle which she provided for the magazine Men’s Health a decade ago. At the time, Miss Markle could be seen stripping off her clothes off while grilling some meat.

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Mr Iweins will thus argue that members of the royal family have in the past routinely used edgy photos to promote themselves and that therefore it is “hypocritical” to award any sum to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when other members of the family “are happy with sexy photos.”.

The case opens today at the Versailles Appeal Court west of Paris, France.


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Anonymous No. 28594 2018-06-13 : 14:43

I would have awarded them $100 for EVERY Photo found on the Internet, $1 for every view.

$10 every photo published in a Newspaper per printed copy.

I would have ordered ALL pic's destroyed and any later found copies fined at $100 per viewer against any website.

Privacy is a PERSONAL thing and such jackasses using 2 mile 4000x ZOOM lenses need to go to jail for a few years.

Because it is NOT a matter of Free Speech or Freedom of the Presses when a jackass violates your personal privacy of your Remote NON-Public space using Digital Zoom Lenses or a 14mp Dron camera.

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