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Colorado - Mary Poopins: Wind Sends Portable Toilets Flying

You might think there is a tornado or perhaps some sneaky visual effects going on when you first see this viral video of portable toilets flying through the air like kites. Strong winds in Colorado kicked up two porta-potties and flung them through the air along with toilet paper and liquids swirling around them.

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The portable toilets flung their contents everywhere as they flew through the air in a suburban park and parents and children can be seen ducking for cover on the ground. A moment later, one of the toilets slams into a nearby parked car and then floats right up into the sky as if launched by a giant hand.

The second portable toilet also takes off leaving park guests drizzled in fluids as they flee for cover. A nearby marquee gets ripped out of the ground and adds to the commotion. Even the people in the video seem to be struggling to maintain their footing as they are battered by the extreme winds. The video was posted Monday on Facebook and went viral with well over a million views.

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Social media users speculated about what could have caused the massive surge of wind on what appears to be a sunny day. The spectacle took place in Commerce City, Colorado where people attributed the bizarre occurrence to a microburst storm. A microburst storm is an intense, localized downdraft usually produced by thunderstorms.

Comments on the video couldn't help but laugh and make fun of the situation where luckily no one was hurt. "Who got hit with that porta-potty though," one user wrote. Another said, "The remake of The Wizard of Oz." Giorgio Savini of Perth Now called the hilarious video a literal "shit storm".

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Anonymous No. 29044 2018-06-18 : 15:02

A taste of the actual shit storm they set themselves up for. Soon they will be like CA with homeless shitting up the streets.

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