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India - 11 Family Members Found Dead, 10 Hanging in Their New Delhi Home

Police in New Delhi, India’s capital, found 11 bodies in a home on Sunday under mysterious circumstances. More shockingly, 10 bodies were blindfolded and left hanging. The authorities are still investigating whether it is a case of tragic collective suicide or a product of a heinous crime.

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The almost a dozen victims were all from the same family. Most of them had lived in the home where they were found dead in Burari village in the northern part of New Delhi.

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The casualties are composed of four men, four women, and four girls.

Police officer Vineet Kumar said they started their probe after they got a call on Sunday morning that some “members of a family have committed suicide.” However, no suicide note was found and the investigators are looking at the possibility that the family members were killed.

No bullet marks were found on the victims’ bodies and there was also no visible sign of forced entry into the house. Kumar said that with all the givens so far, they have yet “to reach any conclusion whatsoever.”

The ten bodies were discovered blindfolded by cotton and pieces of cloth and hanging from an iron grill used as a ventilator in the home’s courtyard. The body of a 70-year-old woman was lying on the floor of the house.

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Local media reported that the family had lived in the house for more than two decades. The reports also said that the house belongs to a businessman who operates a plywood shop and dairy.

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A neighbor discovered the bodies on Sunday morning while going for a walk and finding the door of the house open. He alerted the police.

Neighbors of the family find it hard to believe that the family committed suicide and are more inclined to believe they were murdered. They said they saw no sign of distress among them and neither were they aware of any discord in the family.

The local police, however, has yet to rule out any angle and said people should wait for their investigation to be completed to know what really happened.


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Was hoping it was the Clinton family but alas…

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bring the savages to America and move them into nice, clean, safe white neighborhoods.

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The day the Clinton crime mob is found hanging will be cause for a new notional holiday. And not a memorial type day either, more like a cause of celebration!

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Must be one of them Cults

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