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Kevin Spacey Has A New Movie Opening in August But No One’s Promoting It

Producers have given up on the upcoming Billionaire’s Boys Club, that while it is slated for an August 17 play date, nobody’s bothering to promote it decisively sealing in the process its fate. It’s bound to bomb at the box-office. There’s only one reason why this is so: Kevin Spacey.

Spacey, once a popular and bankable Hollywood actor, plays a con artist in the movie. But he has been in the middle of a huge scandal as he faces several sexual assault allegations.

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Billionaire’s Boys Club hits Video On Demand on Tuesday and the theaters on August 17, but viewers aren’t aware of this. All successful and blockbuster movies have always been driven by aggressive and full-on advertising. But for this Spacey-starring movie, the producers appear to be cutting their losses.

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Gavin Polone, a Hollywood producer, said: “It looks like the movie is being dumped.” There’s no build-up whatsoever to the film’s showing. And there are certainly no scheduled guesting for Spacey to promote his movie. Seems like nobody wants to talk to him or be seen with him. anyway

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Spacey, in fact, is only included in at least one trailer of the movie, and that’s the first time the entertainment industry has seen of him since scandals broke out where he was accused last fall of harassment and assault by several men, including “Rent” actor Anthony Rapp.

The director of Spacey’s other film, Ridley Scott, took the drastic measure of erasing Spacey from the film “All the Money in the World.” He then decided to re-shoot with Christopher Plummer in the role, spending $10 million.

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Billionaire’s Boys Club was budgeted at $15 million, and with the scandal-scarred Spacey being the biggest star in the project, one Hollywood publicist who specializes in crisis management advises to do away with promotional interviews. He said: “It won’t work to tell reporters that they can’t ask questions about Spacey. No reporters will want to do the story with that condition.”

With such challenging prospects and mounting problems, persistent question is, why even bother releasing the film? Distributor Vertical Entertainment released a statement that read: “This is neither an easy nor insensitive decision to release this film in theaters, but we believe in giving the cast, as well as hundreds of crew members who worked hard on the film, the chance to see their final product reach audiences.”

The unnamed publicist also said that such a move will allow the movie’s producers to at least make back some of the money poured into the film.

As for Spacey, despite his obvious talents, the crisis manager says he’ll continue to lie low as no sane producer whether in Hollywood or even in China where the actor is also popular will dare touch him. Until he has resolved all cases against him, it’s pretty sure Spacey will remain a frozen talent, so to speak.


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SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE No. 31426 2018-07-16 : 14:23


Anonymous No. 31428 2018-07-16 : 15:00

Spacey is a Pedo and a fag plus his movies suck ballz!!

Anonymous No. 31437 2018-07-16 : 19:51

payback time, Spacey! Where are your lib friends now?

gerald No. 31442 2018-07-16 : 21:11

no one in there right mind wants to be near a fuclked up mentally retarded pedophile and child sexual abuser as you kevin spaceoff spacex

Anonymous No. 31446 2018-07-16 : 22:22

time for him to find another career or source of income, hopefully he won't have any boys to victimize anymore.

Anonymous No. 31471 2018-07-17 : 05:07

Pity Kevin's co-stars in the movie who will suffer with him but have nothing to do with his abuses. Pity the hard work they put into the making of the film that is bound to fail big time because the pedo Spacey is there!

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