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Photo credit: The Adventure Group Whistler

British Columbia - Grizzly Bear Charges After Kayakers In Terrifying Video

A group of kayakers traveling in a rafting tour down the Elaho River in Squamish, British Columbia had a close encounter with a giant grizzly bear. Video of the event was captured by an Adventure Group Whistler tour guide's GoPro camera and shows the grizzly bear charging at one of the kayakers.

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At first, the kayakers excitedly point out the grizzly on the shore of the river but suddenly it charges into the water and straight for a kayaker who was separated from the tour group. Tour guide Dave Hugill posted the hair-raising video on his Instagram. As the bear gets closer to the kayakers the tour guide shouts "back paddle" to keep the group from floating right to the bear.

Sgt. Simon Gravel with the B.C. Conservation Officer Service said the footage was surprising. "I've never seen a kayaker being charged like this," Gravel said. "We do have some cases where a black bear or a grizzly bear will bluff charge. In most cases, it's a defensive behavior. They're just trying to communicate that you're not welcome in the area."

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Fatal Grizzly attacks occur about once or twice per year and are most commonly taking place in Alaska and British Columbia. The two most recent fatal encounters took place in Alaska and within a day of each other. 27-year-old Erin Johnson was killed in Pogo Mine, Alaska on June 19, 2017. The day before that, 16-year-old Patrick Cooper was killed in Indian, Alaska on June 18, 2017.

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February 5 1985 we saw a sea serpent surface itself in San Francisco Bay.

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That wasn't a sea serpent, it was just a typical floating dildo.

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