By: Savannah Smith | 07-18-2018 | News
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New York - Men Bash Victim With Bat on Bronx Sidewalk (Video)

Cops are in hot pursuit of two suspects linked to the shocking, brazen bat attack on a Bronx sidewalk last month - a disturbing footage which was captured on surveillance video.

The startling incident happened on June 17, mid-afternoon on Southern Boulevard in Longwood. Dramatic footage shows the suspects emerge from a Range Rover, one of them wielding a long metal bat in his right hand. The man holding the bat that’s best used for sports then runs onto the sidewalk as his companion who had been driving, runs around his side of the vehicle.

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The bat-wielding man is seen next chasing someone down on the sidewalk, catching up with the target shortly and then just like that- whacking the victim in the head as if the attacker was merely angling for a home run on a baseball diamond.

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The victim, unable to do anything else to defend himself and with the force of the attack, just falls to the ground as bystanders could only look in shock for the brazen and violent act.

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The attacker then simply and as if very casually, hands the bat off to his companion, then walks calmly down the street as the victim lies on the pavement, not moving.

The two suspects then get back into the SUV and drive off.

The victim was brought to a hospital in stable condition. His identity was not yet released but officers say he is 32 years old.

It is not clear if the victim noticed from the start the arrival and movement of the two before chasing and attacking him, or if he was caught completely off guard until the whack came.

Authorities have not revealed a possible motive for the brazen attack. They have not made any arrests either. It is not clear if they already have the identity of the two suspects.

Anyone with information especially on the suspects, their identities and whereabouts is requested to immediately call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.


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Anonymous No. 31640 2018-07-18 : 19:34

The "victim" looks black. No problems there.

Anonymous No. 31641 2018-07-18 : 19:54

The asshole that ground swatted the victim looks black.

Anonymous No. 31642 2018-07-18 : 20:03

The attackers look black. The cheezy gangster in the pink shorts looks like a light skinned negro.

Anonymous No. 31643 2018-07-18 : 20:26

you need to watch video again both attackers had bats

Anonymous No. 31654 2018-07-18 : 22:50

oh gosh terrible violence. thug's life. please make our streets safe.

Anonymous No. 31673 2018-07-19 : 02:04

Scary! I thought this only happens in 3rd- World Countries? Using a bat to harm people?

Anonymous No. 31681 2018-07-19 : 04:06

should be easier for the cops to make the arrests, their faces are recognizable in the video. im really curious to know what the motive for this crime.

Anonymous No. 31703 2018-07-19 : 11:54

Shocker! That must hurt- bashed by a bat!

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